Withdraw monzo card

Hello. I used my card for beating in UK. Card from Monzo. I gained something and I want to ask if I can withdraw money on my monzo card ty

What makes you think you can’t? As long as they allow withdrawals to bank accounts then it’s fine

What did you beat?


I was very confused there for a second :laughing:

You can withdraw to your Monzo card if the site allows withdrawals to cards/bank accounts and recognises the Monzo BIN/sort code

You can also withdraw cash from an ATM as long as you’re within your allowances

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It made me think of Death Star canteen and the “I could kill you with a tray” line

Hello guys. Before I write here I just read an article where the people said they are not allowed people to bet. This is the reason I write here. I just want to be sure.

Sorry for my English. Is from tastature. Thank you for your responses.

No worries, hope you don’t take it in a bad way – we’re just having some light hearted fun

You should be fine as long as you’re only betting occasionally, as a personal thing. Monzo should only have an issue if you have frequent transactions in/out, indicating that you do it as a business; or if you did it on someone else’s behalf

If they don’t take a Monzo card or account number, you can always email acceptance@monzo.com (is that the right email?) and they’ll look into it

Could that be because they were using gambling block?

You aren’t using the gambling block since you were able to bet with your monzo card

The gambling block does not stop money coming to your account

I have withdrawn from Sky Bet, b365 and paddy all to my Monzo account without issue.