Deposit cash @ bookmakers shops

I have this crazy idea thought i would share with you all.

I noticed there is a Ladbrokes- William Smith or similar shop with build in cashiers all over the UK

Why can"t monzo give us the option to deposit cash at these shops ?

They can use the cash to pay winners thus making the deposit free for monzo customers

Yay or Naay ?

Due to the famously altruistic nature of bookies I would imagine they’d charge a fortune for providing a service like this

And it’s really not a good look


I thought about that too but when you walk in to a paypoint merchant these days its not any diffrent they have lottery and scratch cards on display right in your face

But that’s not the sole purpose of their business.

Scratch cards and lottery are an entirely different league to bookmakers


if the concern here is the image of monzo being linked to gambling i dont see a diffrence in placing bets or buying lottery or scratch cards

but i hear you

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Yeh they’re obviously both forms of gambling with one of them being much more normalised for some reason than the other. However, if Monzo started telling people they’d be entering a bookies to deposit some cash it may not look great because:

  • People who have setup a gambling block on their accounts having to go back into a bookies to deposit cash

  • It could make Monzo look like they’re encouraging gambling by having people go into them who normally wouldn’t

Obviously there is nothing wrong with people who wish to gamble or enter a bookmakers however Monzo may not want to look like they’re encouraging any behaviour.

I do agree that i’d prefer another method of depositing cash though. On the rare occasion I have some I use my legacy bank and then transfer to Monzo.


I feel the avarage monzo account holder is looking for ways to do things diffrently and can understand that the whole purpose of this oppurtunity is to utilize build in cashiers who are waiting to do this for free
I dont think you can place a bet without prior knowledge anyways

but i see what you are saying

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For me, it’s a big no. I personally am self excluded via photo from all uk bookmakers and have gambling block setup via monzo.

The gambling industry isn’t a good one to start moving with banking I’d say ! If the house always wins as they say, you would soon risk your brand being associated with that impression by partnering with them.

Also, gambling operators use very prominent marketing and ‘clever’ ploys in stores and would use the opportunity of having you in store to offer free bets or introduce you to their other ‘services’.

That’s just my personal opinion though! There is just as many paypoint locations as bookies so it’s not needed add-on for me at least.


very good point

you are being very fair and conciliatory with the replies to your original idea …very civil :slight_smile: :+1: like it


Indeed and a breath of fresh air :sweat_smile:! It’s an idea at the end of the day to bring about a conversation and it’s done exactly that. I personally don’t have a problem with it but I can just appreciate the difficulties that some people may have.


Thank you for your kind words because of monzo is the fresh air which was much needed

I am not here to force my opinion just have share them for a better product


Thank you

I couldn’t agree more I don’t like gambling end of lol

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I have to say I wouldn’t like Monzo to go into a partnership with that sector. I believe betting shops are a pariah and a nuisance these days, cropping up with ridiculous frequency in areas where people are generally poorer and causing so much misery for people who have gambling problems. I feel this would tarnish Monzo’s reputation massively not to mention drive me away from the brand.

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I doubt the bookmakers’ systems would be capable of linking to Monzo’s systems though.

And the cost of doing so would be prohibitive

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For a bank that is app only that sort of api should be no big deal

Huh? You can already do this. Give cash to counter. Ask them to fund the ssbt. Print receipt from ssbt. Ask them to pay it into your card. Takes a couple of working days but quick and straightforward.

I’ve been doing it for years.