Button not working

Issue: button not displaying properly

Details to reproduce: button not displaying properly and not functioning
OS: Android 12
Device: Samsung s22
App Version: 4.51.0


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Is there a need for a button at all in such a workflow?

It’s telling you the transaction was declined and to use Chip & Pin - likely a periodic check coz of SCA and you tapping the physical card a lot (such periodic checks don’t happen with APay/GPay, as they are deemed secure via device-unlocking by the time you pay)

So the :monzo: app can’t influence anything until you actually Chip & Pin it. Seems like a non-issue, although the blue button-like-looking-thing would be better off not being there.


So where am i supposed to enter my PIN then, on phone or on card reader?

When you make a transaction with your debit card. In the machine.

You’re capped at £200 in contactless transactions as a standard, before it needs resetting via a chip and pin entry, unless you’ve amended in the app yourself since launch.

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I was wondering if it was a bug within android, I don’t think anything’s there normally in iOS or if it is, it’s a help article.

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