Contactless problem (non-UK, non-Monzo)

I have a question about contactless (not Monzo). I have an account in Qatar, and contactless is still very new there. When I use contactless there, it works about 30% of the time. The rest of the time, it says “incorrect pin” even though no pin was requested. Any ideas why?

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I know that in some situations the terminal can ask for your pin after a contactless tap (called online pin) , I’d guess they’ve not properly implemented/rolled out contactless so it’s just chucking back incorrect pin.

Both the acquiring bank and your bank have to support online pins, so if your bank is enforcing it but the acquiring bank hasn’t implemented it I’d say that’s why you’re getting that error.


I’m sure I had this when I first got American Express and I was attempting to use American Express contactless in the UK where American Express contactless isn’t accepted.

I’ve never had this, most of the time it either gives you the failure beeps, or tells you to insert the card (in the case of KFC, it’s a bleedin pain).

Of course, then there’s the merchants that take AMEX, but don’t take AMEX contactless…

I believe that’s a terminal software/hardware issue

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That’s interesting. It seems to work at POS run by my bank, but fails at POS run by other banks.