Confirm button on pin entry redundant?

Hello, I was just wondering if anyone else here feels that the confirm button on the pin entry page on the app is a bit redundant? When I enter the last digit of my pin it goes straight through to the processing page


Good spot! If it automatlly jumps to the next stage it is a little pointless!

I feel it’s always handy to have a button like that as a fallback, just in case the rare event of the auto validation and navigation after the last digit is typed fails for whatever reason. (I have no idea if that’s the actual reason for that button being there though…)

Agreed. At the moment it’s not a burden but could be useful if the validation does fail.

If the button wasn’t there, the user entered their pin and nothing happened, they’d be at a loss. If they hit that button and there’s no further validation they know there’s a potentially larger problem.

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