Business icon crowdsourcing improvement

(doutatsu) #1

I’ve had to come back to Moscow for few months and have been using my Mondo everyday. Problem is, there is little metadata on location here, so I’ve been trying to fix that.

While location name and address is easily influenced, logos are not so much. To suggest a logo you need to supply a twitter handle, but Twitter doesn’t get used a lot here. Instead business has Facebook, VK or Instagram pages.

So I would really like to allow support for those sites, as I imagine its just as easy to automatically get logo there.


Yes, VKontakte or VK much more than facebook

(Tristan Thomas) #3

Thanks @doutatsu, that’s great feedback! We definitely want to improve the crowdsourcing of all merchant info at some point and would then be able to build in better support for other social networks :slight_smile:


Does this mean we can assist in correction somehow ??

I se no way to influence them but maybe thats an android thing again ??

(Alex Sherwood) #5

Yes, Android users will be able to suggest improvements to the merchant’s details shortly -