Crowdsourcing logo, maps and names

(Mark) #1

Does anyone know how the crowdsourcing of logos, maps and name changes actually happen at Monzo side after submitting through app?

I always suggest a logo if none there, correct map info and transaction name but it isn’t always done and has to be resubmitted numerous times before being updated within app or not at all

ecample - Tesco logo didn’t appear resubmitted numerous times. Plus wanted to shorten Tesco stores 3154 to Just Tesco … simple you would have though but still not changed after numerous attempts but Tesco logo has appeared.

Example - holiday transaction in USA , logo for Wendy’s submitted eventually updated but map even after selecting within app the correct location doesn’t show exact location but says somewhere “address” and a map of USA and does this on numerous transactions .

Definitely needs some work as why make transactions look nice if updated information is not acted on.

(Simon B) #2

It puts them into a queue which COps check for accuracy and act on. However, that queue is second in priority after dealing with actual customer queries.

There is almost always a huge backlog in that queue, so something getting fixed and others not is likely simply down to the fact that someone was working on the queue when your submission got reviewed and fixed and perhaps not at other times.

We’re working on ways to improve this process - to be honest it’s barely changed in 2 years and is quite a manual process. Unfortunately it’s not a high priority at the moment.


Crowdsourcing could help with that - display the most suggested logos in a dropdown at the bottom of a transaction detail view, and people can vote for them - when it reaches enough votes (or more than the current logo, if there is one), it becomes the merchant’s logo for everyone. That would also handle cases where a company rebrands, as eventually they new logo would make it to the top thanks to the community.

(Benjamin Doherty) #4

That is exactly the sort of thinking monzo need. Obviously if 98% of the community pick the same logo then it’s correct. No need for cops to waste their time on it

(Jake Tame) #5


Thanks for the info… What happens if after 1-2 weeks a logo or name hasn’t changed… Does that mean the suggestions are getting rejected? I’ve got two that just are not changing in the payments tab at all.


(👨‍💻) #6

This is a really good question. I’ve often wondered how Monzo deal with these suggestions for logo changes.

One thing I have noticed is when you buy from an online retailer etc, you seem to get more options for recommending a logo, I.e Facebook, website & Twitter I believe.

It would be useful if this was extended to all transactions, because you often find a seller doesn’t have a Twitter account, but they do have a Facebook logo.

(Andrew Ross) #7

Why don’t you open this up to the community to check and help keep up to date. I’d be happy logging on going through each evening.

(Brandon Billingham) #8

I also find the fact it’s limitrd to twitter dissapointig. A lot of restaurants and coffee shops only have Instagram or facebook. I’ve tried submitting these today in the twitter box as you mention it’s quite manual @simonb on the hope they can still be picked up.

(Simon B) #9

It’s a little bit more work but yeah, we can get the logos from other sources too.

(James Smith) #10

I’ve submitted numerous times over the last few weeks and no longer ever updates.

(Richard) #11

I find submitting can be hit and miss. Submitted about 10 twitter/facebook links the other day and about 5/10 of those have been updated.

Just submitted more now, so we’ll see.

(Stephen Spencer) #12

Yeah on occasion I’ve submitted a bunch of updates (from various sources), some of them update, leave it a few days, the rest still don’t update, go back and resubmit the missed ones, and then later they are fixed.
Feels like some cops are clued in and others are clicking “close request” or equivalent without doing anything?