Idea to make updating Vendors / logos easier


Just a simple suggestion really to make the process of updating vendor information / logos easier. For the Twitter handle instead of requiring us to go and type the “@” every time, could this not be pre-populated or even hard coded to the start of the field so we just type in the account name. Same idea for Facebook - looking on there they now have adopted “@AccountName” on each Page as the preferred way of referring to it. So instead of needing us to type the “” part we can actually just submit the unique “@” Name with that symbol again pre-added.

To be honest I’d assumed that’s how it would work to start with so apologies if I’ve misunderstood the system, but the default examples you have showing in the app suggests the full links with “@” needs to be added every time.

EDIT: The same logic for the Twitter field also applies to the dialog when submitting only a logo and it asks for the Twitter handle.

(MikeF) #2

So we’re only allowed Facebook and Twitter sources now? I thought it was more free form than that.


No, there are still the name and website fields too. My request was to streamline input on the Twitter and Facebook entry fields. Name and website ones are fine as is.

(MikeF) #4

OK, you’re looking somewhere other than me then. I’ve only ever seen a single field. That’s probably what I’m missing.


Ah okay. I’m talking about the “Improve name / location” option and the subsequent dialog for online / card not present transactions. Don’t get that set of options if the card was present and there’s location data though - in that instance the dialog is just for correcting the name and address.

(MikeF) #6

Right. Never seen that one until now. I was looking at the ‘Suggest a logo’ link which appears to be Twitter only now.

(Will Stanley) #7

I think that’s because Twitter profile images are already square and so it’s easier (and quicker) for Monzo to use them as is.