Burndown chart issue

(Jason Mercer) #1


Love the app. :slight_smile: The only thing that keeps hitting me is that the burndown chart doesn’t provide me much meaningful data.

The point I think should be to help you sense check how far you are along on the graph versus your budget. This works if I put my whole budget on the card at the start of the month but not when I top up from day to day (which I do when travelling as it helps reduce potential for card fraud). Instead it’s just up and down. At most it lets me see heavy spending days but that happens when I buy a week’s groceries anyway.

Perhaps you could either burndown from the monthly budget or adjust the whole graph up when I top up during the month so that the graph is always burning down?

Just a couple thoughts. Thanks :slight_smile:


It is designed to work if you topup with one lump sum and doesn’t work as effectively if you don’t, which you have pointed out.

When the current accounts roll out and you (hopefully) get your salary paid in it will work perfectly and even show you upcoming direct debits, standing orders and bills.

They are due to roll out by the end of summer so hold tight!


It would still be nice to minimize it or toggle it on or off. Some of us don’t want upcoming direct debits displayed all the time or to constantly see that graph. Just scrolling up and down the transaction history without the graph is the ideal option.

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(Jason Mercer) #4

Unfortunately, there are still two issues with this:

This would only work if your pay is deposited on the 1st. My last salary was paid on the 15th of each month.

And my intention is not to burn down my whole salary each month. I want to save a portion and just burn down a consistent budgeted amount.

So unfortunately a current account doesn’t solve the problem.

I’d prefer to just remove the chart as Richard suggested as it’s pretty much meaningless for me.



The dates will be flexible, which will solve problem one.

As for the other problem, maybe the virtual savings pots will solve that.


The graph is less obtrusive on large screen smartphones and phablets but more obtrusive on small screen smartphones

(Eve) #7

I don’t use the graph and it serves no purpose for me since I don’t have an income and just top up when it gets low; just takes up half my screen. I’d love to be able to toggle it off! When the update first came in (+ the change to Google maps :sob:) I was devastated. Now just putting up with it so I don’t spend as much time as I used to admiring all my transactions :joy: (that’s definitely a thing people do, right? Scrolling through to see how satisfying it is when logos match and locations are right?)

(Herp Derp) #8

Same here, It’s annoying and I don’t want to see it.

I’d rather just the balance be there BUT I also want to have the option to blur/hide that also as I have said in other posts.

(Darren Phipson) #9

I hope functionality like this isn’t removed from the app. before us Android users have been given the chance to use it :smile:


We are not saying to remove the functionality but to have ability to toggle it on or off in the settings. So the user has a choice.

Personally I use my Android in preference to my iOS and think it looks much nicer without this new feature.

While I appreciate that it is primarily intended for future display of current account features such as upcoming direct debits, I am not sure I want that info permanently on display. It would be best elsewhere.


I remember the days when it slid away when scrolling.

(Eve) #12

My sentiments exactly, maybe it could be sandwiched under the Spending tab (though that means it makes it more difficult to view each point by day) or simply toggled off. It follows you as you scroll and takes up half the screen.

(Alex Sherwood) #13

Here’s the changes that will be made to the Pulse Graph when the current accounts launch & Hugo’s explanation for it always being displayed -


We can understand what they want to display (next salary, direct debits, standing orders, overdraft charges and to scroll through the feed without losing visibility of total balance) but what if customers don’t want to see their next salary, direct debits, standing orders, overdraft charges or scroll through the feed without losing visibility of their total balance??? Particularly on phone models with smaller screens.

@hugo without losing the ability to display this info, how about the possibility to be able to toggle it on or off so those of us who don’t want this info permanently on display can switch it off?

(Alex Sherwood) #15

I’ll let Hugo answer this but in the meantime, it’s worth thinking about the implications of adding settings too -

I’m not sure how valuable being able to see 8 transactions rather than 4 in the feed is, as they’re usually unrelated?

Also, even for users who don’t get their salary paid in or want to see direct debits, the graph still has lots of useful functionality - it’s the quickest way to scroll to transactions, between the same date in different months & the only way to see the total that you’ve spent each day…

So as an example, user’s might end up hiding the graph, before they have a chance to realise that, that functionality’s there.


With some smaller screens 7cm high and other larger screens 15cm high it has a real impact on the users with some phone models

(Alex Sherwood) #17

I’d be interested to see a screenshot of how that looks & to hear what the impact is.

(Eve) #18

To be honest I don’t use it to scroll quickly since it’s more intuitive to scroll down rather than scroll to the side (one of my initial questions last year on monzo was how to access targets monthly and I didn’t figure out that you could just swipe between months) Plus you have a whole bunch of transactions in a month so if I want to check something I spent 3 days ago for example, I can’t use that function either.

I don’t have any recurring transactions that links to monzo/ get any salary paid in, so seeing the same date on different months doesn’t really serve a purpose for me. I prefer to top up only when I need it so I save interest in my Santander acc.

The total spent per day is useful for me since I have a separate app that I use to keep track of my transactions across banks/wallets, but I would prefer additional info for this if you were on a trip for example- the total spent per day and your remaining balance could be listed in the foreign currency alongside the one in £. I think it’s been brought up in the past before
Edit: here (Foreign Exchange Rate and Balance When In Other Countries)


I’d be interested in this too. I can only assume an iPhone 6/s/7 Plus is classed as a ‘phablet’ so I guess that’s why I don’t really see the problem.


I have emailed a screenprint to Alex from my other phone as when I tried emailing it to Discourse it wouldn’t let me as I was sending it from another email address :angry: