Foreign Exchange Rate and Balance When In Other Countries

I’ve recently got back from a trip to Singapore (No full emoji support in forum?) what I found time consuming when using my card and app was having to figure out in my head what my card balance was in Singapore Dollars.

So my idea was that when your in a foreign country it would be useful to display the your card balance in the local currency as well show side/side the £ to $ SGD that way figuring out the value of the pound/dollar would be really easy.


+1 to this.

I’m currently travelling around Japan and the exchange rate is currently £1 ~= 162 JPY which isn’t always the easiest to convert off the top of your head.

The other thing I’ve found confusing is not knowing the exchange rate before I try to make a transaction. I tried to withdraw 40,000 JPY the other evening but I didn’t realise this was at the time worth £250.04 which was just over the £250 withdrawal limit so the transaction got denied.


Not 100% sure about showing the balance in the location’s currency but certainly having a visible rate and a quick converter would be a fantastic addition.

Could also be a potentially a useful tool to put in any future Apple Watch app with a current rate complication that, when tapped, links straight to a converter that you can adjust with the digital crown.

Ouch, that rate has dropped badly. I could almost do 1 GBP ≈ 200 JPY while I was there late last year. :frowning:


I wouldn’t suggest it totally taking away the UK balance but being able to see what you have in total would be really useful. Specially if your planning to make a big purchase in the local currency.

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Thanks for all these suggestions. Once we put in place the travel reports we’ll explore how to show you better the exchange rate while you are abroad. This is the winning approach so far…

We’ll consider other things like telling you the equivalent of your balance in a different currency but, again, we don’t have a good solution yet. We still need to prototype :slight_smile:


Looks good. Here’s what I threw together a little earlier over lunch.

It’s a lot busier though and the conversion row has a possibly too small tap target along with messing up the transition to the pulse graph as you scroll. I’m also now thinking about the required accuracy of that line (would it be fine to say £1 ≈ JP¥160 or £10 ≈ JP¥1,600 but use the exact figure for a conversion tool?).


This is exactly how I imagined it might look!!

I was then thinking if you click on the conversion line you’d see more detailed advise about the country your in perhaps displaying stuff like service charges or tax e.g. in Singapore most prices are listed without tax and later they put tax on or called “++” in Singapore. The fact that some ATMs charge you for withdrawing money. Could easily crowd-source the information or pull in APIs that give useful information.


Tips generally only need to be shown once when you arrive while a converter is likely to be needed throughout the trip so should be pinned to the top of the feed. I’d stick tips in a feed item like this.


Oops… :flushed: Should be “Nope, no fees here either!”.

Just a mockup to share my thoughts but if it’s a feed item, it’ll act like any other such as the feature unlocked ones so yes.

I’d leave those to Google Maps, TripAdvisor, etc. The intention was that these could be specific financial related tips such as general card acceptance, known good ATMs, taxes, tipping culture, any merchant applied fees to look out for, etc.


OMG, this is amazing, thanks a lot for taking the time on designing that for us :heart_eyes:

I can’t wait to start prototyping :slight_smile:


When in a foreign country the card balance can be displayed in GBP (origin currency) a simple touch using your finger on this amount will transform it to the foreign currency. A simple touch again will switch back to gpb.


YES! This would cover all bases!

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why only when in another country? you may be doing business with someone abroad, planning to send money to family overseas, or arranging your holiday and it may be useful to know… about having an Indicative Amount option in the settings to select if you wish to display approx equivalent amounts and if so in what currency


+1 for showing EU balance when in European countries, super useful!


To have the exchange rate in the app to see what it cost at the time of buying
Is that possible?

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Hi as you get the rate when the transaction settles, this may be slightly misleading and possibly the reason it has been omitted

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When you make a purchase abroad, the amount & total spent today is displayed in the local currency & GBP, is that what you were thinking of?

You’re right that, that is a consideration -

No I want to see rate before I spend not after