Burger King launch Halloumi Burger in the UK


That’s tea sorted!


There’s a double too!



Oooo! That sounds pretty delicious.

For the vegetarians, the Impossible Whopper is coming later in the year too (though they dont advertise their food as vegetarian due to cross contamination risks, but if you’re okay with it just being in the vicinity of meat then you’re okay).

This is my worst fear, halloumi as fast food I’m so screwed :rofl:

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Me too. Now personally I’d quite like to slide that double in between the XL bacon double cheeseburger if I was a desperate-to-have-a-heart-attack style man.


Ok please stop talking… …

I’m going to need a triple bypass by the end of the week

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…Bacon Double Cheese XL Halloumi meal, please. Large fries on the side.
Oh, and have paramedics on standby, thank you.


Before I order sir, does this village have a defibrillator?


It always amazes me how many people get excited about fast food these days! Don’t get me wrong, I loved a McDs (used to work there too) but surely there are better options… or am I just spoiled where I live?

Edit: Very aware I sound like a grumpy old man … you kids are your fast foods!! Yikes… Please, if enjoy this, ignore me! Each to their own… I should just delete this reply, no really, I should…


Burgers are not-so-fast food if you make them yourself…at home :smile:

Yeah… ok… huh?

Just saying…might not be same as McDs

Totally lost me. My point was that rather than going to a fast food place, I’m lucky enough to have several other places that do good burgers, including Halloumi Burgers that I can choose from.

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I lost myself.
I agree with the point tho.

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All over this man, love me some halloumi!

Here is hoping Five Guys do halloumi burgers at some point :drooling_face:

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Yeah! The same burger just £15 more expensive!


I know what would go well with that, a tasty beef patty right in the middle of them haloumi slices

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I’d assumed that a halloumi burger meant that the cheese in a cheeseburger was replaced by halloumi. Every day is a school day, I guess.

That’s what I thought at first but looking at the picture I was disappointed to see no beef patty in there