Beyond Meat & KFC partner for plant based "chicken"


So you’re telling me I can eat a whole bucket and feel healthy right ?




Hoping this comes to the UK if their Imposter burger rollout goes well - which I’m guessing it will considering how fast it sold out at the trial locations.


having studied/ studying similar technologies. I personally think this is a gimmick until they reach large scale and profitability( and the underlying technologies are scaled as well)

There were no locations near me :pensive: But I heard good things.

Same. :pensive: Still waiting.

Love the idea but obviously it’ll come down to a taste test for me on wether or not it will become the new norm.

As long as i can still smother it in the gravy though theres a high chance ill like it!

I understand “Plant Based Nuggets”

I dont understand "plant based “chicken” nuggets

Why feel the need to have the imposter element? That’s like driving an “electric” car which is in fact petrol powered…

(not a rant against vegetarians/vegans btw!)


You have a valid point to be fair!

What is this world coming too hey?!

Would this not be to indicate the taste?

They wont taste like plants but in fact taste like chicken?

You could understand the potential problems with this in say mcdonalds if they offered a plant based beef burger and a plant based chicken burger.

Also id say theres still some mentality thing involved whereby seeing chicken in the name more people would be less sceptical in trying it :man_shrugging:

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I find it bizarre a Vegetarian/Vegan buying a chicken flavoured item. :laughing::laughing:

Just bloody eat the proper chicken item if you like the taste.

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You’ve opened a can of worms :eyes:

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It’ll still be pressure fried :wink:

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If they rebrand to Kentucky Fake Chicken, they can still use their acronym.

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This is exciting news. :slight_smile:

Let’s hope they get the texture right. They managed it with the Greggs Vegan Sausage Roll but I often find that chicken-type products have a very different texture.

It’s ok. When they’ve necked 10 pints of fosters followed by 5 G&Ts they’ll end up picking up a party bucket for one anyways!

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:laughing::laughing: I think after 10 pints I’ll be in hospital. :face_vomiting: