Your Favourite Fast Food Outlet?

(Simmy) #1

For me it has to be Subway, its the lesser of the few evils as you can have healthy bread and unprocessed and non fried meat.


KFC. I can never get enough of the Colonels secret recipe.

Funnily, I prefer Burger King to McDonalds and its been about 8 years since I stepped into a McDonalds and that was only because my brother was in the UK from the States.

(Ashley) #3

Dominos, if that’s counted.

If not then probably Burger King :thinking:

(Dan) #4

Does Greggs count? I spend so much on Greggs!! If not… McDonald’s!

(Simmy) #5

Greg’s pasties are bargains

(Only available in amateur ) #6

My local Chinese. But they aren’t fast, although it’s faster then I’d take making it

People willingly eat at Burger King? :nauseated_face:

(Simon B) #7

Veggie Grill.

Sadly, it’s only in the US - primarily California/Oregon/Washington states but they just expanded to Chicago too.

It’s all vegan and AMAZING.

There’s not too many chains in the UK that have good vegan options.

(Jack) #8

Mc Donald’s for me :tipping_hand_man:t3:

(Hugo Vieira) #9

Subway !


McDonalds here!

(Jorge) #11

Hmmmm I could do with a big fat bucket of KFC :stuck_out_tongue:


Subway or KFC.


Don’t tempt us with things us Brits can’t have :wink:


Actually the best fast food I’ve ever had is the halal guys in New York. It’s unhealthy, cheap and tastes amazing!


Does Vapianos count as fast food? I guess it’s fast-casual.

Reminds me that Tender Greens isn’t a thing in the UK. That place is amazing.


US restaurant food that doesn’t taste like it’s been injected with fat and sugar.

The Milpitas one is excellent.

(Matthew Jones) #17

KFC here although I have a soft spot for Taco Bell.

(Simon B) #18

Would you recommend visiting Milpitas?

I’m usually around San Mateo, San Bruno, and Mountain View. I’ve been through Union City/Fremont/Milpitas on the way from Oakland airport to Mountain View but have yet to stop and explore those areas.

(Jorge) #19

I don’t live in London but on my last visit I was very impressed with Leon. It counts as fast food and it was pretty tasty. Dunno how Londoners here feel about it

(Simon B) #20

There’s one here in Birmingham. They’ve been advertising a new vegan dish, I’ve been meaning to try it.