Change Transfer Limit to Monzo Accounts & Pots


I have a personal account and a joint account, and I am finding it annoying while transferring money between accounts or pots.

I think the £5 minimum needs to be changed to £1 minimum.

This would make it easier for me in a lot of cases.

What does everyone else think.


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You can customise the amount by tapping the number when transferring to a pot. I assume you want to specify what amount to move over.


At the moment, the minimum amount I can move over is £5 to any Monzo account or pot, my idea is basically make it sort of the same as paying money to another account where you can enter the amount manually.

Have you tapped on the amount? This should bring the keyboard up and you can customise the figure.


Yep, I’m an idiot. I’ve just worked that out for my self.

Think I need shooting.

My apologies.


No need for that. It should be more obvious.


Yep was a good few weeks before I accidentally realised you could do this. Not obvious (on iOS at least) at all.

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Yeah, this is a really common thing. I’d have hoped that Monzo would have done something about it by now, but it looks like that widow of opportunity has passed. :pensive:

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Would make sense to have it set to 0.00 which would then give more of an impression it can be edited (I think)