Default transfer amount when transferring from pot should be highest amount

One thing that’s always bugged me is If I can’t transfer 5 quid from a pot because my balance is too low, why is it offered in the first place?

The simple solution to me would be to set the textfield’s amount to be equal to the amount you have. Eg 0.73p from my image example.

This UI just don’t make sense to begin with. Half the screen is wasted when it could instead be a numeric keypad where you type the amount directly.


Yeah this screen needs a rethink!

So many people dont even know you can click the number and type which isnt really obvious on first use


Another reason to have a really good single payments screen to move money between pots and to external accounts, in my view.

I know we whinge about it frequently, but Monzo is really falling down the pack on this front.


There is a difference between a clean UI and a usable one, and I think Monzo is on the wrong side here

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I didn’t know you could do that! Thank you for sharing it’s a handy thing to know which could be made a bit clearer.

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