Bug on adding new card to wallet

Trying to add card to iOS wallet and it fails on confirmation screen.

Details to reproduce:

  • I have Monzo card added to wallet
  • procedure works through iOS wallet app
  • confirmation through the app is required
  • iOS navigates to Monzo app
  • “Sorry something went wrong” error

iOS 17.1 beta

iPhone 14 Max Pro

App Version:
5.43.0 5430054


Known bug… add it via the App and it’ll work

Ok thanks. Added.

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I had similar issues adding my Monzo Card to my Pixel Watch… I’ve had it working fine for ages, but then upgraded from Pixel 4a to 7 Pro, so had to wipe my watch and re-pair to the 7 Pro, but then it wouldn’t add the card, with the same error message as you… Google Support said “We don’t support Monzo Cards”… Well they did… LOL

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