Unable to add Monzo Plus card to Apple Watch

As per title, I’ve added my Monzo Plus card to Apple Pay on my phone, but when trying to add it to my watch, I get an error when verifying in the app.

It added normally for the phone wallet, and goes through all the normal steps when adding it to my watch, but the app throws an error when I try to verify it.

I’ve tried removing it and trying again a few times, but it keeps giving the same error.

I didn’t have this issue with my old card or my joint account.

Given the amount of posts of folks having this issue this clearly is a bug

I had the same problem with my Phone Wallet. Closing the app and deleting the card, then re-adding, then deleting and re-adding it fixed it for me.

It’s been some time since I had an Apple Watch, but if you add it in wallet does it not sync across (without using the app?)

No, you have to go into the watch app and add them all separately. It will show a list of cards in your phone wallet, and you can one-click add them, but you still have to verify it.

I tried deleting and readding it a couple more times and it finally decided to work, so I’ll mark yours as the solution.

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Unfortunately this seems to be the only “workaround” - @cookywook I’m not sure who best to report this to but I’ve seen a few people with a similar issue - is there a Plus team member that can review it?

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