Can’t add my new card into Apple Wallet

The new card arrived but I can’t add it and use the Apple Pay. Whom to contact to sort this out?? There is no phone support, no email, no chat?? Absolutely terrible service.

Why can’t you add it? Search “contact” in the help section of the app if you need to speak to someone.

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are you using the beta version? if so download the official monzo app from the appstore and try again or try adding it from the wallet app

What error do you get when adding the card?

Go to Wallet on your phone, if there is already a Monzo card, delete it. Then add your new card using the Wallet app. Should work. If not search help in the Monzo app for “contact.”

It says, can’t add your card, please contact your issuer.

I don’t have any Monzo card in the Wallet at the moment. Thanks for advice, I will use the app and will initiate a chat.

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