Budget summary issue

Not been here for yonks so excuse if not right section / has already been discussed, but can’t find it.

Today I spent £200 and categorised it as holiday. Someone paid me back £100 of that via cash transfer, which I’ve also categorised as holiday. So I want the summary to show I’ve only spent £100 in holiday category.

Cash payments into my account don’t seem to go back onto my budget. I don’t have the option to either include or exclude them from my summary. (Although sometimes I feel like it does).

Any workarounds?

I have this issue a lot and it stops me managing certain things like I’d like to. Seems strange there’s no option to include these as part of your monthly spend summary…

I assume it’s same if you buy something then take it back for a refund. It would still show you’ve spent that cash when you haven’t.

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If you use Trends instead, it should net off and look okay.

(It’s a bit silly there are two ways of seeing a similar thing. We’re told that there will be changes :soon: )

What’s Trends?!

An advance version of summary but think it’s only available with plus/premium

Right. where can I find that?

I’m plus.

Should be showing on your menu bar

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No don’t have it

May not be enabled for you yet then! Thought it would be available to everyone by now

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You should have a new tab at the bottom, called…
Trends. If you don’t, join me in sighing loudly, then drop Monzo a message (you might need to search a bit to find the button because easily accessible customer service isn’t en vogue apparently).

Okay thanks both. Definitely not a function I have access too.


Here’s a bit more info:


No, it’s available to everybody but you need at least Plus for graphs.

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Thanks. Would like this

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Are you on the latest version of the app?

As far as I can see. No option to update in app store

Monzo have advised it’s only available to a limited number of users at the moment

It was launched in August 2021. That’s five months ago.

If I might humbly say, that is slightly ridiculous.