No spending visible in summary

I’ve been using Monzo 3 months so sorry if I’m missing something…
I’m using an overall budget, and just this month, none of my spending is showing up in the summary. Spending is visible in individual category budgets - and I’ve gone over - but the big wheel is all green. Says I’ve spent nothing. I haven’t excluded any purchases from the summary total.
Any ideas? Thanks very much!
Android, 3.31.0

Hi Orla & welcome :wave:

Have you also had a large refund or transfer in the same period?

Hi David! Ahh maybe I almost get it - at least the how if not why :slight_smile: Yes, I’ve received a transfer from another Monzo account… by about the amount my spending is off!! Is there any way to fix this now or stop my budget expanding in the future? It says its too late to “sort” that payment… Thank you! :smile:

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You can click on it and exclude from summary

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@don_quixote excluding from summary only seems to be an option on smaller transactions -purchases, bill splits - and not on any of the transfers I have received? :thinking: Thanks

Please ignore the ‘sort’ for now (‘Salary sorting’ allows you to sort incoming payments of £100+ into pots and other Monzo accounts within 48 hours of receiving the Salary/payment)

Your budget will ‘equalise’ over time - the current Summary/budget period will be out-of-whack but future ones will represent your accounts properly, assuming these future Summary periods don’t also receive unexpected receipts! (not a bad thing though :wink:)

Just double checked and you are indeed correct.

Hopefully, someone else has a suggestion.