Include all incoming payments in payment summary

This has been an idea I’ve seen on the forum multiple times, but it keeps getting closed with no response, so I’d like to try it again

Spending summary and budgets are great, and it’s one of the main reasons people seem to recommend Monzo. However, there’s one major issue with it - not all incoming payments are included.

I’ll start with an example that happened to me recently. I was given £12 from someone towards a purchase of lunch and snacks. In total, the cost was about £16. The £16 was then removed from my spending budget, but the £12 didn’t add to it. This means that, even though most of the purchase was not my own money, I’m still taking the full hit in my budget

So now I have a choice - I either let my spending summary say I’m down by £16, or exclude the whole purchase from spending summary, and artificially give myself £4 extra in my budget

This is only a very small example, but it’s a regular occurance (eg. when picking up something for someone from the shops), enough for my spending budget to become out by a substantial amount

I understand I can use the split bill feature, which will add the amount back into my spending summary, but that inconsistency just makes it even more annoying

In a perfect world, we’d be able to control it down to the penny, as to how much is included in the spending budget, but allowing for all incoming payments to be treated the same way as outgoing (i.e. count towards spending summary and budgets, but can be excluded if needs be), then that’s a fantastic start

The new trends feature has the ability to do this it’s slowly rolling out to everyone


Sadly this is irrelevant, spending summary is still the important thing looked at

What’s worrying also is it seems to be random on when it includes a payment. I was sent £20 from one person, and £10 from another. The £20 counted, but not the £10. This just seems to make no sense :man_shrugging:t2:

I think it counts if it’s from a non-Monzo account but not the other way around.

Surely you just tag the incoming payment to the same category as the outgoing payment ie groceries etc and it will balance out?

I’ve seen that’s what it does with trends, not sure if or how it works in summary, surely the same principle?

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