Budget set in joint used in personal and vice versus

Setting a budget in joint account has no effect on left to spend amount. Setting in personal account resets joint account to the same amount. Meaning I cannot have a personal and a joint budget!

Absolute chaos. The reason I switched to Monzo 4 years ago was the budgeting options. If it no longer works then I’ll be looking at alternatives.

Details to reproduce: set budget in personal, try to reset in joint (no change). turn off budget in personal, set budget in joint, no change to joint but personal updated to joint amount.
And finally left to spend in joint is still showing last months budget!!
OS: Apple
Device: iPhone 15
App Version: latest


You’re using ‘Summary’ which will soon disappear from the app. And the app is using data from elsewhere now…

Start using the replacement: ‘Trends’ & set that up as required.

Trends, when used in conjunction with the ‘Spotlights’ feature is actually better than Summary was.

I already use trends for overall tracking but having a left to spend on the same page as bank total is much easier as well as the exclude from summary button is useful rather than having to put things in the wrong category to exclude them from remaining budget.

If they’re going to get rid they should just get rid, making it a poor experience by breaking it isn’t the way to convince customers to make the switch and maintain trust. I’m now double checking all their calculations in trend too.

Not to mention from a finance point of view trends and budget aren’t the same thing and the incorrect nomenclature is making my eye twitch.

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