Budgets are wrong — not reflecting changes

Issue: I’ve set Budgets for the month. But when I look at “This Period” spending, the budget targets it shows are what I set last month. Changing the amounts again in Budgets makes no difference.

Details to reproduce: Set Budgets for the month. In account summary screen, tap on “£XXX left. XX days to go” to open up record of current month spending. Spending targets are out of sync with what was set in Budgets. (This used to work just fine. Closing and reopening the app makes no difference.)
OS: iOS 17.5.1
Device: iPhone SE 2022
App Version: 5.81.0 #5810051

See the budget targets for eg Transport, Holidays, Personal Care are all out of sync

While I don’t have an answer to your problem (although there’s a good chance this might be a summary vs trends issue), why on earth is summary still a part of this app even after trends has been out for years. It seems like they’ve just abandoned the migration to the new UI before they finished :man_facepalming:

(Edit) I’m removing the quotes surrounding “years” as I’ve just checked and it has been literally years, trends was released initially to a small group in 2021

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Monzo promised they’d only retire summary once Trends does everything it does and more. Trends has yet to fulfil that aim in some niche scenarios.

It’s all been a bit stagnant on that front IMO.

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It does feel like Monzo have abandoned Summary to gradually wither away. I have to say I much prefer it to Trends, and wish they’d keep (and better maintain) Summary.

I liked Monzo how it was and generally feel the app’s got worse (more fiddly/complicated) over the last year or two rather than better.

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Out of interest, what is it that’s missing from trends or that trends does worse compared to summary for you?

What could Trends improve on to become a better tool for you?

The answers to those question could be really useful constructive feedback for Monzo, that may yield in an improved product that works better for you.

Remove everything from Summary and set it in Trends.

The two aren’t compatible and you won’t get an answer other than utilising trends instead going forward.

Except if you want to use left to spend on pots, that still uses the summary dates :man_facepalming:

Change the summary date to match the Trends date.

It is a mess.


I like the traffic light system of Summary — I much prefer it to the graph in Trends.

I also like that you can see the traffic light on the same screen as your transactions, ie the summary screen for that account. (I don’t like having to go to a separate tab in the app for Trends.)

All of that really worked for me and then they started butchering it, is how it felt to me as a (steadily less happy) user.

I totally appreciate all this is personal preference. Maybe they user tested the changes to Trends and most people liked it more, but I really don’t. As I said above, I feel the app has got less and less easy to use over time for no real benefit.

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