Can’t separate trend start dates for accounts

Like many, I work on a ‘left to spend’ basis (why oh why oh why oh WHY did you remove ‘left to spend’ from the account pages?! Who the hell just wants to see overall amount? And why should we have to scroll down to be allowed to see left to spend on Home Screen? It’s design over user experience - a really, really bad sign that flies in the face of a fundamental reason why Monzo first helped so many with their finances).

Just realised that you cannot choose separate ‘start dates’ in your trends page for main account and joint. I’ve chosen just one account in the filter menu, but still, whichever date you choose for main account gets replicated for joint, and vice versa. Not good when I get paid on a certain date in one, so want to reset for then, and my bills go up to the last day of the month on the other. Please fix. You’ve doubled down on the complication of trends and lost the basics.

Details to reproduce:
iPhone 13
App Version:


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This isn’t a bug, it’s by design.