Budget query

Can someone please help with this…

On Apple iOS
If your combined categories total comes to £1000 (as an example), you cannot set the overall monthly spend budget as less than £1000.

On Android OS
If your combined categories total comes to £1000 (as an example), you can set the overall monthly spend budget less than £1000. How come this is allowed? Why does this differ from the iOS app functionality.


If what you say is true then there has been no explanation given. It’s sadly just another thing that needs to be added to the OS parity topic here:

It is true. I have always used Monzo on the Apple iOS app; but recently moved to using Android OS app as I lost my iPhone. Whist the functionality is so similar, I did notice this difference in the budgeting which seems a bug. I can’t see how you can have a total budget (the combined categories total) and then choose to spend less. Makes no sense.

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I wasn’t accusing you of lying, sorry - I just meant that I can’t test it myself because I don’t have both platforms :slight_smile:

It is strange but as mentioned there is a whole bunch of stuff and the list doesn’t seem to be getting any shorter :frowning_face:

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Can someone using Monzo on Android please confirm if the budget feature works as I explained, of whether I’m doing something wrong. Thanks!

Yes, I can set overall bed get to less than the sum of the categories on :android: v2.52.1

Thanks. Useful to know if is not just me then. In the Apple iOS app it is not possible to set an overall budget that is less than the combined categories total, which is what you would expect…