[iOS] - Ability to type in budget

User Story:
As a Monzo customer
I want to set a custom budget value
On any category
By being able to tap on the budget value and typing it in


  • I can type any amount in to any category within the budget tool

Another vote from me - this is becoming a habit @glasgow :grin:

I’ve just been setting some budgets for groceries / eating out and having to tap upwards in £5 increments is a little painful…


Painful is an understatement! It’s really not user friendly!


If you hold your finger down it changes +/- £50 rather than £5

Otherwise you’ll be tapping 100 times for £500, rather than a couple of secs holding down.

Yeah but it starts speeding up and changing increments and before you know if you’ve missed your amount! Also if you start at say 76 and want 90 you have to hold the arrow down till it changes to £5 increments and then start finding the amount you want :exploding_head:

I agree it would be far better to just enter the amount, and allow for any budget values. :+1:

On the Spending budget I think you can long press to enter an amount but not on Category budgets, it could work in the same way.

Edit: yep

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Not on iOS :open_mouth:

Another month where my budget isn’t quite accurate as I can’t type it in and instead have to wrestle with the silly + and - buttons. Any chance we can get this brought up to same standard that android has? :star_struck:


Somehow I only just stumbled on this problem!

I want a category budget of £100 but can only have £99 or £104. :cry:


If you go all the way down to zero, then back up you should be able to get to £100.

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I also found that if you long press a budget category you have the option to Reset to Typical Month, which seems to always be rounded to the nearest £10. Edit: the long press menu will only show up if the category already has a budget set.

When I set a budget it gives me a default starting value and a plus and a minus. I spent a huge amount last month, and using the minus button will literally take me minutes to get to we’re i want to be this month. In other places that this UI element is used, such as sending money I can click on the value and manually enter a value, but this is missing in Budgets.

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Heh, interesting. I’d never noticed this before… I am able to type a value for an overall monthly budget, but not for categories, on Android at least, no idea about IOS.

On iOS you can’t manually enter any of the values for budgeting


Yup confirmed. I’m on iOS.

+1 very much needed.