Problem with overall spending target

Hi there,

Sorry if this has already been answered, I can only find posts of people asking about it. Been using Monzo for a while now and really interested in the new ideas being talked about on here but I’d quite like an old feature brought back…

On the old spending tab you had the option of setting an overall target for the month and, crucially, that figure could not be less than the sum of your indivual targets. If your individual targets amounted to the same as your overall target and you increased it by £10, the overall target would automatically go up by the same amount.

I can’t see any advantage of being able to give yourself a bigger budget for one category than your entire budget for the month, that wouldn’t make any sense. At the moment you have to mentally add up all your targets to make sure it’s within your overall spend, which makes it difficult if you’re altering them throughout the month.

I’m assuming this would be an easy thing to sort out as it used to be a feature anyway? It just never came back after the update.


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