Text message scam?

Hi, got this text and was wondering if anyone else has. I didnt click on link.

Nothing in app or on email regarding it.

Spam/scam. The domain verify-monzo.net is definitely not legit (registered 4 days ago).


Here it is trying to get you to enter emailing password and pin. It’s doesn’t bother to send the email testing with a temp email.


LOL, monzo-verfied.com registered three days ago. They can’t even spell verified, or perhaps that was taken already… oh nope, monzo-verified.com registered two days ago.

Little scamps.


Flagging @AlanDoe @cookywook @Dan5


This isn’t even a good attempt

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It’s the same lot as last time, the website seems identical. I think @davidwalton flagged the domain last time and got it taken down pretty quickly

Thanks for the heads up @Peter_G :pray:

Glad to hear you didn’t click the link @DazzyJef - like everyone has highlighted this isn’t a genuine Monzo message.

There’s a government site which we link our users to in our Help articles which can be found here. We’d always recommend highlighting it to our team through the in app chat service.


I used to think that when I saw all the badly typed messages. But apparently that’s often a deliberate tactic to get the most gullible/vulnerable people to engage.

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Looks like its already flagged now. :+1:

Out of curiosity they are using CodeIgniter based on the 404 if you wanted to exploit their php to see who they might have tricked so far.

Screenshot 2021-10-11 at 13.47.18

Just as a bit of a side note here and sharing as much as I can without sharing too much!

All of the most recently shared phishing attempts on here had already been automatically picked up by our security team (that doesn’t mean don’t report them, just to reassure you that we proactively monitor things like this!) and we’ve identified customers whose accounts might have been compromised, secured their accounts and communicated this to them.

Obviously there isn’t much more to share on this front because if we share too much it could help scammers evade detection!

I’ve been keeping an eye on the incident channels and it just reminds me of one of the many reasons I’m proud to work here and bank with Monzo.

Please do keep letting us know if you find anything like this - on here, on in app chat or by giving us a call.

As with anything these are blanket sms/emails sent out to people in the hope they have Monzo accounts. They’re not targeted to any specific individuals.


When you say you’ve communicated with the customers who are affected, is that only ever done through the in-app chat?
I could imagine it would be quite difficult to convince someone who has already been scammed that you’re the real deal through an email or text?

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I do like your testing email address. It’s like a relaxed, calmer version of the one I usually use.


Yup, through the in-app chat :blush:


How about this…?

I just got this one as well, in the same thread as other Monzo messages, so it must be legit(Ha, nah pal, it’s not happening).

Also just received that one!

Oh wow. Another one with a web-page formatted to look exactly like the Monzo login (PIN entry) display.

Just tried signing in with my usual/false ‘slightly-insulting-email-address’ and it’s a phisher for sure.

Domain was registered 2 days ago with a Hong Kong based provider (but ‘England’ based registrant). If you want to alert them to this phishing service (I have) - email: support@tnet.hk

I’ve also reported this to Google.

30 seconds later, link to ‘account-monzo.com’ seems to be already dead!
Nice work Domain provider, Monzo & Google.


That went down fast, wow!

I reported that one as it wasn’t showing blocked, but also got this one a few minutes later
[https://]monzo-account[.]com/ , which has also been flagged by Google.

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