User calls back Phishing fraudsters!

So check this out, this is really interesting.

A user on Reddit got a phishing text from “NatWest”. The user knew it was a scam, but phoned them back anyway to try and get all the details of their scam, and posted the links to the audio on Reddit.


So good and transport as usual @simonb I applaud you.

Kinda odd they used a Starling account for the potential transfer, you’d think they’d use a NatWest one for some sort of legitimacy. Although I guess they have a whole bunch of accounts at various banks.

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It quite something to listen to and easy to see how people can fall into these traps.


I thought the 60 Starling sort code made it appear it was NatWest, which also begin 60

I think they got their sort code from an old NatWest range much like Metro Bank got theirs from Barclays. 60-83-71 is definitely Starling though.

It seems to from reading the Reddit post that not many of the organisations that (inadvertently) enabled this scam seemed all that interested in doing anything about it

Starling also have 04–00–40 allocated. Wonder why they use their 60 sort code?

I remember them saying they would be used in the future for business accounts; although they were a thing already at the time?

Sickening listening to that

Especially when he was talking about him having Parkinsons, the fraudster doesn’t seem at all bothered!

Hope they get caught!!!