Bringing transactions from CASS account

Not sure if this is possible, when you transfer a old account to Monzo can the old transactions not come with the transfer of funds, so they displays in Monzo but say greyed out to show they are from a previous account.

Reason im asking is when I closed accounts in the past, some banks remove all history from online and when i want to dig out a old payment, i cant find it.

Say they save all my statements and convert them so they are visible, i would give Monzo authority to do, maybe for the ‘something only Monzo would do’ if they could

When I CASS’d in from First Direct, they sent me a PDF of my full transaction history going all the way back to when the account opened.

I don’t know if that’s a standard feature of CASS now or just something FD do.

I assume that CASS uses a data standard agreed between the banks (or imposed upon them). I’ve never heard that any form of transaction history transfer is supported so I’d have to vote ‘not possible’ as a result since it’s not in Monzo’s gift to changed the communications formats that are used…

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Is whether its not possible or just not done. Maybe Monzo might be able to do it outside the CASS if i know im leaving I download a pdf of transactions and upload to Monzo app and it auto populates your history

I image this is technically possible via open banking API if your previous bank supports it…

It’s not possible via the CASS platform. None of the BACS files contain any data like this. Might be possible with the open banking apis however I don’t know if they would disappear once the account is closed since the connection would be severed

It may be possible to use open banking during the transition period (between the start of the switch and the old account being closed…)

If so this would add a nice bit of polish to the switch process, although it may be a bit clunky having to authorize monzo to access the old account