Switching with Transaction History from old bank

When switching to Monzo my transaction history from the old bank is lost, and valuable trend data is wasted.

When switching to Monzo I expected transaction history to be carried across similar to the way the “other account” feature works.

This would be possible by

  1. signing up for plus
  2. importing other account
  3. switching account to monzo

However, a user would have to know they need to do this. It would be much easier if integrated automatically into the workflow. (and also be an incentive/reduce friction)

PS: UK banks are required to provide 5yrs of transactions upon leaving a bank, this was send digitally via email to me.

Edit: Providing the transfer of the transaction history of the first account that has been switched for free, and having an opt-in that prompts you to do this in the correct order would be a fantastic hook/incentive


When you switch accounts, your transactions don’t get moved across, that’s not how it works, since they’re separate bank accounts.

Like you mentioned, the only way to see transactions from another account is to use the connected accounts feature (on Plus/Premium)


When Monzo was a start–up, CEO Tom was hot on this, and always maintained it is your data and you should be able to take it, or bring it, with you. I’m surprised Monzo never made good on this belief and developed a way of getting your transaction history into Open Banking somehow.


I imagine an opt-in worflow during the switch. OK it may take a day or two extra for some additional approvals? but I would be happy to wait to have it done right

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I don’t even know if it would be possible from a technical perspective tbh, don’t think it’s something they can get from the previous account through the switching service.

@damcclean All you have to do is connect the bank account so the transactions are imported before switching the account across. Then you have both.

The user experience would be a one step process, but the process behind would be two

It doesn’t quite work long-term though. If you don’t reconnect the account, Monzo eventually stops showing the transactions. It really needs a bit of dedicated attention paid to it.

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