Bring custom photos to pots


I agree. I don’t see the problem in being able to upload whatever photo you want to your own pots; your Monzo account is private and not available to publicly view, so offence cannot be caused. The majority of people wouldn’t add inappropriate photos anyway.

I think it would make the whole Monzo experience better if you could personalise it, for example add a photo of the Eiffel Tower if saving up for a trip to Paris or adding photos of family members to save for their birthdays (or even a photo of your pooch!)

At the very least, more default options should be available.

(Scott Jordan ) #42

Yep I agree with what others say

I’d like to for example have a picture of my CAR SAVING POT and have the picture of my next car I’m saving for.

Or recently I started a Christmas Savings Pot. I’d like a Christmas tree pic.

People are more appealed with a Visual I think :v:t2:

(Jack) #43

Hi Scott,

Great idea. A lot of users have suggested this recently too. I’ve moved your post here to keep the discussion all in one place, hope you don’t mind :slight_smile:

(Scott Jordan ) #44

Sorry no it’s fine.

I’m still getting my head around the posting etiquette :+1:t2::v:t2:

(Jack) #45

No worries that’s fine :slight_smile: . General rule of thumb: Give the forum a search using the :mag: icon in the top right. If you can’t find a thread similar to what you’re thinking of posting. Go right on ahead and create a new one :raised_hands:t3: .

Everyone appreciates all the feedback and ideas put forward, so keep it coming :bulb:


I definitely agree with this idea.
If wanted to save for a new bed, I would love the ability to upload a picture of the exact bed I want to purchase to the pot. It’s not anything major, but I feel it would be a vast improvement to the user interface

(Ben Tyson) #47

+1 for me … new to Monzo and an absolute evangelist for it already … personalised pot pics would be a great addition!!

(Toby Toller) #48

Not to mention a great way of motivating you to save - definitely better to be able to see something that means something to you rather than a coloured rectangle

(Keri) #49

+1 over here for custom images for pots.
It would be great motivation to have an image of what I’m saving for. At the moment I am using the cassette tape for car stuff as it’s the closest to being a car (apart from maybe the boat!)
As people have said below let us use the pictures from our phone, no need to host them anywhere.

(Nick) #50

As people posting here may not have seen this in the Q&A thread:

I guess so far Zander hasn’t managed to persuade anyone to have a crack at it, and it’s not high-priority enough to any of the engineering team officially retasked.

(Matthew) #51

How about uploading pics from your phone to be the logo on your pot. The piggy bank is nice an’ all but more meaningful pics would add a personal touch


(Terry) #52

I agree I would love to see this too, but someone from Monzo said it is not likely we will see it though :frowning:

Probably not. Hosting custom images opens up quite a few new complications. (Do we let you upload ANY image as a Pot?). If we were interested, we’d rather increase the number of default options or integrate with some kind of library instead.

(Matthew) #53

I see, thanks. Yes, i suppose you dont want dodgy pictures on there but many other sites manage it without too much issue, perhaps by having the images moderated, although thats labour intensive. Although you could limit this to, say, 10 uploadable images per person, or however many pots you are allowed.

A library is a good idea. the balance in the middle could be a user-suggested library where people share images for general use.

Until then, colour coding the pots is what im doing.

(Nick) #54

I don’t have it to hand right now, but there was a more recent statement from @zancler saying that custom images are missing because they didn’t have time to code in the API hooks required, thus the door is open for the feature to be improved/introduced given time.

(Phil) #55

Unsplash is great and I fully support this idea.

(Terry) #56

I do hope this is true and its not a dismissed idea :slight_smile:

(Tom Snape) #57

Not exactly an important one but I think it would be cool if you could have the option to change the pot images to custom ones from photos.

(Ryan Kirk) #58

This is something I’d like to see implemented too!

(Matt C) #59

I believe there has already been some discussion about this here: :grinning:

(Will Pimblett) #60

We have custom images already, in the form of taking photos of receipts to attach to a transaction. How is this different? The same hosting requirements and abuse worries exist here.

I tend to use this to take a photo of the product I’ve bought rather than the receipt. Is rather useful!