Pot Images

I know, it’s been raised a gajillion times before, but…

I suspect increasing the available pot images is actually fairly simple to do, as long as it’s a fixed set (bearing in mind each new image increases the size of the app). The only difficulty is making sure it works in all available dimensions, and that a suitable square image can be made for the feed, and a circular image can (if it’s going there via spare change).

So, rather than ask for custom images or links to external image sites, which is much more work to do, what I’m suggesting is that the range of actual images (at the moment there are 8) is slightly expanded to cater for the kind of things people might save for. I’ve done a bit of thinking and these are the ones I’ve come up with:

  • Wedding
  • Car
  • House deposit
  • University
  • DIY projects
  • Family
  • Birthdays & Anniversaries
  • Christmas

There must be some generic images that Monzo can put in for these items, surely?

NB. The following are already catered for by existing images (but others may disagree):

  • General Rainy Day (umbrella)
  • Holiday (ball in swimming pool, yacht)

P.S. Does anyone use the cassette? What’s it meant to represent?


I use the cassette :grin:

Entertainment was my thinking on it


I use the cassette for a technology savings pot haha


I think Unsplash or a similar service would be best suited. This can then be loaded and cached on device, separate to the app install.


I use the cassette for my credit card. It’s the only thing roughly credit card shaped!

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But that is additional work to integrate the two together. Believe me.

This is simply doing more of what they have already done, so they just add extra resources when they generate the app.

I’m not saying they shouldn’t integrate the two, but this is an easy fix for now.

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It’d be lovely to have something festive in the run up to Christmas, if nothing else. :christmas_tree:


Piggy with a hat? :joy::joy::santa:




Was it a graphic design job you’ve got your eye on at Monzo? :eyes: :wink: :mondo:


I use the cassette for a tech related pot too :grin: I like the credit card idea @Peter_G! :ok_hand:

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Aha :joy: I shall cancel my TechOps application at once and go for a design time instead :wink: it’ll be a much better fit!

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I like your thinking. I’d quite like to see custom drawn images featuring Hot Chip doing or using various things.


i think custom would be ideal. (Cant see the problem with allowing this to be honest? Put it in the terms and conditions about “inappropriate” images and that way no fault is with monzo)

If not then id be all for more images/unsplash.

The time has come for more options :eyes:

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I think that Monzo just have to be conscious of their app size, I completely agree with this thread :slight_smile: Monzo should have a bunch more images for pots but each image is stored within the app itself, if each image is a few hundred KBs then adding another 10 might not the best idea :thinking:

Linking to unsplash would be cool, that’s where these images (all?) come from anyway so having an even greater selection would be great, the entire unsplash library could be searchable from the app… But that could be excessive and overwhelm users with choice :yum:


I vote for excessive choice :heavy_check_mark:


Partnering with Unsplash (who have an API) would be great as all images could stay remotely on the unsplash servers (thus not increasing the app size) and would allow more than a fixed number of images to use.


As @nexusmaniac knows, I am highly in favour of Hot Chip being used in more places, especially marketing.


Hot Chip is an amazing mascot :grin:

To signify the progress on pot goals, Hot Chip could get progressively happier or more animated :joy: :hot_chip_emoji_needed:


I’d like more choice. Currently I only use the plain coloured images for my pots

I would love more image options.