Bring custom photos to pots


As the picture if custom would show on the feed rather then a attachment. I would like it rather then the few generic pictures we have,

(Sheikh) #62

Custom pictures for pots. It’s so basic

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Custom images gets a vote from me.


I agree allow more pots and images.

(Joshua Dawson) #65

Is this ever going to happen?

If not then I’d prefer for the pot screen to not have a glaringly big plain rectangle where a picture of my choice should go. It seems like it was designed with this in mind.

(Jonathon Sheppard) #66

I’d love to see the ability to add your own photo to pots, rather than the rather limited library of preset images currently available. Is this something that is being looked at?




Yep. It’s a long requested thing, I thiiiink I read somewhere they were working on it.

(Jack) #69


Hope you don’t mind but I’ve merged your thread with an existing one on the same topic.
Feel free to continue the discussion :slight_smile:


:eyes: What’s this?! :eyes:

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(Adam Robertson) #71

Slay Mama Monzo

(Gareth Lowrie) #72

:grin::grin::grin: looks like they’re coming!

(Matt C) #73

BRING. IT. ON. :rocket:

(Matthew Dickinson) #74

I don’t know if someone has mentioned this or if i just haven’t worked out how to do it but…

Anyone else think it would be better if you could add your own pictures for pots or even if monzo expanded the image library.

((╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻) #75

It has been mentioned but it’s not quite here yet… :soon:

Here is a sneaky peak:

(Matthew Dickinson) #76

That’s awesome, thanks for the link. Can’t wait until it’s activated :slight_smile: