Your Map - Transaction location history

Casually browsing the app as I do, and when heading to Settings, Personal Details, and then tapping the background behind my photo, it launches a map.

I had to zoom out some, but then it showed me the countries I’d been spending in, and when zooming in, I could tap the blue dots and see where it was a made the transaction.

Not sure if it’s been discussed here before, but thought it was interesting.

Erm @Carlo1460, you were involved in a conversation about this a few months ago.

Not sure why this didn’t make it to iOS, but I can’t say I’ve ever noticed that it’s missing in day to day use after moving to iOS a year ago…


Oh lordy. So I was :rofl:

I tried to recall in my head if it was as it seemed familiar but wasn’t sure if it was something else.


I like showing this to Monzo users who have never seen it before.

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This got me interested, because I don’t think any of my transactions have had location data for quite a while now.

So I’ve gone back through. The most recent transaction to have a location was on January 19th…

Also don’t like that it’s still forcing google maps on me on iOS. I don’t want google maps, thank you Monzo.


The map has been in the Android app for years - certainly since the ‘new’ interface (carousel view)

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Part of me has always been tempted to get an Android for a day to see my map

Is there a way to create one via the Google Sheets liked to Plus?

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That sounds like a challenge/job for tomorrow


Yep, it’s pretty straight forward to do.

I’d show you mine but the chart type isnt supported in the sheets app for android.

Here is my post from a few years ago that includes a screenshot:

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