Option to show a map of transaction history

I know you can filter by location in search, but it would be cool to see a map with all your transactions marked out

If you go to settings > personal details then you can click the map around your picture to bring up this map.

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No map in settings, is this only on android or is it just my app?

Tap where the arrow points on that screen?

Nothing showing for me

Tried on mine (Android) - anywhere immediately around the picture will do.

Huh. Strange. I don’t think it’s Android specific either. :thinking:

I don’t have that on iOS

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uh oh, another thing to add to the list :rofl:


This is an Android specific Easter egg I’m afraid. :pensive:

A couple of screenshots showing you can click on the dots for the merchant name or grouped numbers and they expand out and zoom in.

Is there still a Parity wiki page somewhere?? And why DOES Monzo hate iOS so much :wink: (I’m kidding!!)

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I bet iOS users don’t even have custom categories yet. :shushing_face:

Or that really cool feature, you know the one. :wink:


There is and it is below. Ironically the last thing that was added to the list way by me and it was something iOS have that Android don’t :wink:

The map thing is a nice novelty but it isn’t at all accurate or useful in my opinion, you’re not missing out on much.

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Not actually that bothered by the feature, more that, once again, Monzo have spent time on something for one platform and not another. Just seems weird.

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Yeah it is annoying. I believe it was a Monzo Time personal project (or whatever it is called) - still you could argue that they should be given the time to finish it for both platforms I suppose.


Ahhh back in the wild west days…

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It’s already on the OS parity wiki.

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