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Brexit secretary reisigns saying he cannot support this deal!

This is all about to fall apart like a pack of cards.


Another one bites the dust - they are running away from taking any responsibility of this mess

(Richard) #358

Coming soon™… an election near you? Maybe… ?

(Is Santa here yet?) #359

Vote of no confidence, leadership challenge and election. Can’t see how it won’t happen


I imagine the Conservatives would get a bigger majority if it happened now!

Haven’t read any of the summaries for the Brexit draft yet - Raab resigning is not exactly a surprise.


Much prefer this version

(Richard) #362

Haven’t read the summaries yet either, but Raab resigning shows a sign of dissatisfaction.

It’s still relatively early… but there has been speculation before that the Tories had the number for the signatures to force a vote of no confidence in T.M. But no one went through with it.

However yes, I think IF a G.E. was called… they’d probably still win, but it would be a more hard line leader.



I just don’t get his running away because he was Brexit Secretary. He is the one who must have seen this coming before most and he actually negotiated this and now like so many before him dusting his clothes off and gone.

Just like Monzo customer numbers predictions let’s do General Election prediction - I say in Feb 2019.

(Is Santa here yet?) #364

January 10th. I fancy voting on my birthday

DUP aren’t supporting them anymore so it will be interesting

(Richard) #365

Scottish Tories might quit too… they were threatening it before…

Come on irish passport…

(Colin Robinson) #366

And now Esther McVey…

(Is Santa here yet?) #367

That’s surprising. Thought she’d stick with it rather than have to make a claim for Universal Credit :yum:

(Jack) #368

We should have a made a Brexit resignation bingo card…

(Is Santa here yet?) #369

Not too late. There’s plenty more left

Karen Bradley might jump

(Jack) #370

I might be a little ignorant about how this works but aren’t all of these resignations purely self-preservation?

As I understood it, the cabinet unanimously voted though the deal and then started resigning. If they “can’t be party” to this draft agreement, why did they vote it through in the first place? Surely by putting their stamp on the agreement, they’re responsible for it’s implementation whether they liked it or not?

Edit: Just realised I misread “unanimous”, it was actually “collectively agreed” which might explain it…

(Is Santa here yet?) #371

There wasn’t actually a vote apparently but a consensus. They think the ship is going down so they’re jumping to try and get a position with whoever leads the party next

(Jack) #372

Ahh yeah, you’re right. Thanks!

(Colin Robinson) #373

Junior Brexit minister Suella Braverman and Anne-Marie Trevelyan, a ministerial aide at the education department, have also quit.

Domino effect.

(Is Santa here yet?) #374

And a junior Northern Ireland minister. Now she’s given her statement to parliament it’ll get more interesting. If there are more senior resignations then it’s game over. Michael Gove will be one to watch

(Eve) #375

Just read it. It’s like the UK doesn’t have any good negotiators. Did they even do their homework? They’ve basically ceded all the benefits but still have to stay on on things they were “taking back control” of :woman_shrugging:t2: the ministers resigning are just trying to escape the mess they started.