Tonights Vote

I didn’t get a chance to do a poll last night but it was obvious the way it was going to go anyway so how do you think it will go tonight?

  • Reject No Deal
  • Accept No Deal

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Let’s leave & agree deals as I’m getting a bit drained on all this. Yes it will be a little rough but aren’t we going towards a recession soon anyway?

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It’s going to be delayed for months

I noticed that May raised to prospect of a second referendum for the first time last night. She’d only mentioned it previously to say there won’t be one.

That’ll cheer some people up. #sarcasticnotsarcastic

As David Cameron said:

"If we vote out, that’s it.

"It is irreversible.

“We will leave Europe – for good.”

We voted out (however you look at it) so why are they trying to keep us in.

Out means out


I can’t see the logic behind this idea at all.

Have a deal that in no way impacts society.
Tear up deal causing months of uncertainty.
Renegotiate worse deal then original.

Surely it’s better that we either extend and allow one more crack at getting a deal we can agree on, if not take it to a second referendum, where the only choices should be:

Stay on current deal
Leave without a deal

Would be conclusive for sure.

Or…we could just have referendums every three years so we can carry on having nice chats about it forever. And ever…

Or we could have a no deal, set our own tariffs like the ones that have been announced already and then go from there.

Everyone is banging on about how it’s such a big issue, companies will still want to be here and countries will still want to trade with us.

We will go through a few months of pain but it will get sorted out.


God I hope not, I’ve had enough

That was close!!

Surprisingly close :grimacing:

I really don’t think it would be an issue. No one can say anything with fact - it is the unknown.
1 fact - countries will still want to trade with us. The french will still want to send goods through Calais.
Leave at the end of the month & then watch the EU members come to us to trade.
It’s a big world we live in.

They trade as a block. So won’t come one by one.

I don’t care either way anymore so long as I’m not inconvenienced.

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The vote would have been much more emphatic had it not been for the Spelman amendment.

Brexit will be cancelled, there will be a 2nd and final ref as about 60-75% will want to stay in the EU, as all the lies are being shown now, and the tariffs for farmers to export would be apparently 50-60%, and evern a Tory MP said that it would decimate the industry like they did with coal and steel before


Is there any polling data that backs this statement up?

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So they’ve voted to reject no deal. 312-308. Didn’t expect it to be that close tbf

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Never trust any polling data regardless, personal opinion :wink:

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This third (and final) vote is the one to watch.

Next vote is tomorrow on extension or cancelling article 50?