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(Paul) #336

It’s a total farce. I don’t understand why a cross party group wasn’t set up to manage it. Personally I would like to decide on the terms of the agreement. If the no deal is worse for the country how can that just be allowed to happen without having a say. Bonkers the lot of it.

(Richard) #337

Problem with cross party discussions are… they start looking out for themselves and start to spill the beans to discredit other parties etc.

It’s a rock and a hard place for the Gov. They keep their cards close to their chest (never show your hand) and get crucified by the opposition/public. But if your open the opposition take advantage.

In saying that, you could argue the EU are playing hardball to deter other states from wanting to leave, so we’re ‘the example’

Whilst I did vote remain (still my preference), there’s no perfect way to deal with this.

(Richard) #338

Winner… fee taken today… still at ‘received’ - now we play the waiting game… :no_mouth:

(Richard) #339

Some guy designed some Post Brexit passports… have to admit… quite like them!

(Noel Edmonds Beard Sculptor ) #340

I like them, much better than the crap we have now tbh.

(MikeF) #341

Does anyone really care that much?

(Jamie 🏳️‍🌈) #342

I like good design, and they’re nicer than the current design. These remind me of Swiss passports.

(Andy Hughes) #343

Looks really sharp :ok_hand: I like it.

(Is Santa here yet?) #344

Brexit agreement if anyone wants light reading

(Tom ) #345

Yo. Hit me up with a tl:dr

(Noel Edmonds Beard Sculptor ) #346

No index no read

(MikeF) #347

Run for the hills?

(Noel Edmonds Beard Sculptor ) #348

Sky News

(If there's the wrong end of a stick, you'll find me holding it.) #349

The dog dies :frowning:

(Is Santa here yet?) #350



(Tom ) #351

Hold on. Hold the phone. Etc.


(MikeF) #352


(Jamie 🏳️‍🌈) #353

How many Withdrawal Agreements do you want?


Here you go - It’s more than 500 pages but this is what it’s all about a 2 minutes read :slight_smile:

(Tom ) #355

Government rapidly falling apart… Again.