May's Deal Suffers Third Defeat - What now?

With May playing a massive gamble the other night and saying “back me and I’ll resign” - and well… they haven’t backed it… again.

What do we actually think will happen now? No Deal? General Election? People’s Vote/ Second Referendum? Tusk has called a EU Council meeting for 10 April - 2 days before we are now due to leave (or May gets another extension).

Whichever way you fall on Brexit - it is all a bit poor isn’t it :weary:

A 4th defeat


I feel like this could actually happen :rofl: May seems to love a defeat.

  • Snap Election
  • Brexit Deal 1
  • Brexit Deal 2
  • Brexit Deal 3

I mean I might have missed a letter from the quote but I think it its well…


Parliament has lost its ability to decide a way forward so there’s no other way than to put it back to the people. They’ve had many opportunities to sort this out but have rejected everything that’s been put before it. People’s vote all the way.


lol what would be the question this time ? would it be a simple majority ? remain side thought that was unwise last time after they lost, so presumably they would want a supermajority this time ? would the question be simply remain or leave , or would you want to try and split the leave vote with the question remain, leave with mays deal + leave with no deal ? would we have a best of five to get a majority view , or would it be settled for a generation once you got the vote you required ? :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


I couldn’t have said it better myself!

…oh wait…

How many votes would you like Parliament to have before they get it right? So far they can’t?



I would want the Parliament to respect democracy , not just when it suits them :slight_smile:

Referendum question:

What should happen next

A) Leave with no deal

B) Leave with the 3 times rejected deal

C) Remain in the EU

D) Be very British about it, pretend none of this happened, never mention it again and start talking about the weather, and how the grass is growing quickly this year, and tea…


I feel like this is the equivalent of when you notice you are walking the wrong way, taking your phone out to make it look like you’ve received a text and then slyly turn around and walk the other way. Hoping nobody noticed you.


so a supermajority for your choice - Im all for that, now we know the chaos of a binary referendum with both sides accepting the rules of a simple majority win, because they thought they were going to win :slight_smile:


Just cancel it simples

The whole thing was based on lies and advisory, then made legal mainly cause of the EU septics in the HP, Cameron only wanted the vote as he had been deined by all 27 countries in is negotiantion which were better than orginal but not enought to apease the EU septics, and the conservative in -fighting with a possible loss of 15 seats to UKip :wink:

P.s. no i never mis-spelled Skeptics :wink:

I want it to go through I want to see the end of the UK :wink:


I stay neutral on this subject, but I just like to make people aware that if we stay in the EU we will get 20 per cent VAT on food, books and children’s clothes.

This is because we are currently exempted and allowed a zero per cent charge on these, but the EU eventually wants to harmonise taxation, so VAT is the same in every state, this will also mean a universal income tax as well.

A long extension to Article 50 to accommodate a general election, after the deal is defeated again next week.

Don’t we need to seek an extension now anyway? I don’t think the deal is being tabled again is it?

Agreed that there will likely be an extension - but that will mean running in the European Elections (so Farage is mighty happy about that one)

No, we don’t need to seek an extension. In law, we will leave without an agreement on April 12th. In practice, though, if we are to leave with a deal, we will need to seek an extension. If that is to be beyond May 22nd, then we’d need to participate in the EU elections.

I would be very surprised if there wasn’t a meaningful vote on the deal again next week, but this time in competition with whatever MPs decide on Monday.

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Maybe but this would need to be voted in by all (current 28) countries, it is not the EU demanding it :wink:


Sorry poor wording on my part - I meant if we were to stop a no deal.

Would Bercow allow it? Wasn’t the vote today allowed as it wasn’t on the deal completely? It’s all a bit of a mess, hence my questions :rofl:

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