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I have a relative that lives in Notts, and he told me one of the things that people couldn’t fathom out was how workers from eastern europe could live/work in the UK yet still afford to send lots of money home every month to their families whilst the people that were born and bred there struggled to make ends meet. The general concensus seemed to be that they were up to no good somehow, either claiming cash in hand, or fiddling the social system, etc…

It’s this sort of stuff that caused resentment towards the EU workers…


Of course, I know the mentality of the area. But the locals weren’t prepared to live 6 to a room in dorms, eating as cheaply as possible to maximise the money they can ‘save’. I grew up on a Lincoln council estate, with several of my acquaintances gaining housing by ‘accidentally falling pregnant’. Call me a cynic, but my experience of locals struggling to make ends meet often meant not having the fags, booze and 60 inch TVs they are entitled to.

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This is just as unfair as judging EU workers and saying they’re fiddling benefits. Or judging any other group in society.

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I was told at the job centre that us (eu citizens) can’t apply for Jobseeker’s Allowance or other benefits until we’ve been here for 5 years and gained settled status. Not that I needed them but it pretty much breaks the myth that we’re here for the benefits.

I pay NI and tax like everyone but can’t rely on the state to have my back in times of need. Sad

Edit for clarification: not that we can’t apply: we’re simply not elegible

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There’s rules for it…

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I voted remain, but if I were to vote again I would vote leave and back a soft brexit.

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At the risk of stirring up a hornet’s nest…

This is genius.

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Here’s the hornets nest… :wink:

I have to claim this as inaccurate… David Cameron is the Captain… he didn’t go down with the ship. He abandoned it whilst it was still afloat.

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The ending is the best bit :joy:


I’m with you there.


the original - shame it’s not getting the views it deserves.

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So… this is going to be fun…

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Im sure I heard someone say that no deal is better than a bad deal. :joy:

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Bugger Brexit.

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That’s very simplistic approach. When you leave your country and go to work somewhere else you already feel inferior, therefore you put 200% into the work you do, then you get harassed because of it, but most importantly a lot of people live different lives.

I spent 10 years in the UK and started working in the factory for minimum wage, sometimes 16 hours shifts. Why? Because there was so much work but nobody wanted to do it! I still managed to send money home but I lived normal life, just without any luxuries. I didn’t have a car, flat screen tv, or anything like that. At the same time I wasn’t one of those people who would save money on not topping up the gas card to the point the boiler froze (true story from other tenants of my ex-landlord)

Just saying - if you know you have family back home that do not have money at all - you will make it happen, without any shenanigans…

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All of them? Every single one? How do you know that?

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So, my wife’s Dutch passport arrived yesterday. We now have a nice selection, two each. Happy that we can keep our rights to work and travel no matter what and pass them on if we ever have kids. But also a bit sad too. Such a stupid state of affairs.

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Irish passport easy enough to apply for? Guy at work seemed to suggest it was a PITA