Brexit Chat

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If trump has some then I’m sure we can find you some too :rofl:


My late wife was Scottish (of Wallace) so maybe I can claim it too?

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Tbh I’m surprised that these MPs/ Brexiters want it to happen ASAP? Isn’t it common sense that lots of laws/ trade/ agreements have to be revamped and negotiated and rushing through it would only lead to an unsatisfactory result? Two years isn’t enough time so this timeline makes more sense. The UK has to protect its interests and they’re already at a disadvantage since they’re probably going to be made an example of.

I didn’t want Brexit, but if it has to happen surely everyone would prefer for it to be done well? Demanding the UK just… leave… seems a bit like leaving for the sake of leaving.


I think it’s at a stale mate. Both EU and UK saving face now. Not much of a solution to anyone, we get deals others start to rumble to leave, we get nothing we start holding back exit money … It’s just a mess.

Worst vote I’ll ever be a part of in my whole life. I can say that much

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This is my favourite part of today. This conversation. It’s just so pleasant. :slight_smile:

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This is how the world would be if it was ruled by cat owners :grin:

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That’s not really news actually. When Davies resigned it turned out that it made no difference to the EU as they had been negotiating with the Cabinet Office all along anyway.

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At the end of the day trade will not stop with the countries that we currently trade with, why? Coz they want what we got and vice versa.

All that May needs to do is say that once we leave nothing will change for the moment, what we can then do is sit with everyone and work a better deal individually.

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Which is basically saying, “Once we’ve left, we haven’t.”

Which is fine, but once we’ve left there are several legal thingies (technical term) which no longer apply, which need to apply for everything to stay the same.

(Noel Edmonds Beard Sculptor ) #284

Yeah but apparently we can’t do any deals until we have left so just say nothing will change till we have spoken.

Once we have left we could then go round tying all the legal stuff up and do some deals whilst everything stays the same in the mean time.

Less hassle I reckon.

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I doubt very much that is that simple, but I hope you’re right. Here’s Raab reassuring is that it’s not the government which will be stockpiling food.


Can’t be bothered to read the full thread but for what it’s worth here is my experience. Voted to remain in the eec in 197? Saw the way it morphed into a federal state - I certainly didn’t vote for that. Worked in continental Europe for 20 years and receive a state pension, in euros. I voted to leave and see people having strong, bordering on fanatical hatred for those who voted like me. Almost all of them with no real world experience.

(Jonathon) #287

We would at the very least be discussing how to change our relationship with Europe to reflect the fact that nearly half the country voted to leave. We wouldn’t continue on as usual.

That’s what is lacking here - leavers are so often adement that we leave no questions asked and no concessions given to the millions who voted to remain.

Also: if the remain campaign was found to have broke electoral law I’d bet my right leg Farage and Boris and Rees-Mog would be down like a tonne of bricks demanding a new vote.

(Kevyn) #288

No we wouldn’t be discussing our relationship with Europe. Remainers would have just moved on.

In the 2 years since Brexit, what has the European Union actually changed to encourage the UK to stay? Anything? No. What has it done to encourage the anti-EU sentiment spreading across the continent? Nothing. If we would have voted to remain nothing would have changed as nothing has changed now after the massive vote to leave. The only difference is that the government is botching up the withdrawal because the EU is sticking its feet in the ground like it did in the Greek Euro crisis. Like it always does.

The only thing which would have changed is the EU deal Cameron negotiated before the referendum, which has now been thrown away. The EU would have said that is enough and moved on.

(Jonathon) #289

Remainers would have moved on but leavers wouldn’t, which is my point.

I didn’t say anything would have changed, I said the government would be trying to be seen to be doing something about the 48% who voted to leave. To not would be electoral suicide.

You completely missed the point of my post.


That’s fine, that’s your opinion. I’ve clarified in this thread before how I think that kind of racism is abhorrent and would stand with those suffering from it and condemn and help to eradicate racism but it’s interesting to note how because a lot of people had valid reasons to vote to leave which were not anything to do with immigration (yes I again have said before lots of people did vote because of immigration but that doesn’t mean we all did) they are forever now classed as “racists” when most of them aren’t


I’m most definitely not accusing you of racism, but you asked about the assumptions people make on hearing someone voted leave.

By far the loudest voices promoting leave were the racists.

I grew up in Lincolnshire, which had one of the highest percentages for leave. The farmers there are now warning of fruit and veg rotting in the fields because the itinerant pickers are staying away after the vote…

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I think the fanaticism goes both ways to be fair. There is a ton of name calling, both personal and institutional, for anyone who is perceived to be “blocking the will of the people” which apparently means disagreeing mildly with the result and the way it’s being implemented. Some of it’s quite hysterical (not in the funny sense of the word).

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Has the cause/effect penny dropped yet?

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Perhaps we should…