The Next PM (Boris Wins)

You all know I love a good poll on here so what with the result being announced tomorrow who do you think will be the next PM?

  • Boris Johnson
  • Jeremy Hunt

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Which one is the least worst again?


It will be Boris…and God help us all…however working for the NHS I would never vote for Hunt either.

However this is not the place for me to go all ‘Question Time’ on everyone!!


Which death will you choose?

  • Immolation
  • Shark Attack

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As someone who has set himself on fire in the past, I’m curious to see how the shark attack would compare.

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Death or Mau-mau?

  • Death
  • Mau-mau

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Sadly it will be boris, I chose Hunt in the poll as anyone is better than Boris.
But as Nicola Sturgeon so aptly stated when asked to chose between Hunt or Johnson, is like ‘asking if I want to be hit by lorry or bus’



I think it will be Boris but I’m not a fan of either so I might hibernate.

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I’m almost of the opinion Hunt would be worse as we’d just have switched one powerless remain-campaigner PM for another. He would just flounder around and burn through time until he resigned and triggered another chance for Boris.

Boris at least will be a catalyst for change within the mathematics of the House of Commons, which would help us move on from this in a positive or negative way.

Shark attack would be preferable to a Sturgeon attack.
Corbyn or Sturgeon can’t think of anything worse. 2 utterly dreadful leaders with political ideas that most sane people thought has disappeared in the 20th Century.

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I think we all must be able to agree that whoever it is, they will be better than Theresa May.


I don’t think they will. The difficulties and problems have got worse, not better. Tory party is further entrenched in their positions, and their majority may shrink to 3. Impossible to govern.


If you take politics out of it, Boris is just as “bad” as Corbyn or Sturgeon in terms of leadership.

Sure he was Mayor of London, but then If I were to mention Sadiq Khan as a good leader I’d probably be laughed at, so that isn’t a great denominator of leadership ability. The only other role of “leadership” was as Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs he didn’t IMHO do a great job at that.

I do think there will be a GE in October most likely, and if the message is right, I could imagine a pretty healthy majority for the Conservatives.

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Death by mau-mau

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British Politics is a mess. There is absolutely no leader at all, or party, that I feel I could vote for if an election was held tomorrow. I’d spoil my vote.


So now that Boris is in let the fun & games begin.

Johnson 92,153 Votes

Hunt 46,656 Votes

87.4% Turnout

Not a bad turnout



Let’s all put on a brave face.