No confidence vote triggered

So it’s just been triggered, do you think she will survive?

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  • No

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The trouble is, who would replace her? Unless she called a general election then we would have Johnson as Prime Minister.

I think there are enough MP’s who don’t want that to vote against it. But who the heck knows these days.


I think Johnson will be in, he’s has a haircut.


I was going to write something but I can’t come up with anything particularly coherent.

What a load of Tory self indulgence.

Edit: That’s it. I’m moving to Ameri… I’m moving to Canada!


If she wins keep an eye out on the next few honours lists


Sajid Javids name is being thrown about a lot as odd on

Didn’t think it was true til I saw this tweet. Having someone’s full support is like a vote of confidence from a football club chairman

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I need to check the old Yes Minister episode to understand the coded messages!


Saying and doing though…

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I’m coming too!

Such a mess. No idea what the Tories will do, or even who will run them. Labour with unachievable tests that are equally meaningless. :disappointed:


Didn’t they have a leadership election in 2016? Now they’ve changed their minds and want another vote. I thought that they thought that that would be undemocratic.

Funny old world.


I wouldn’t be surprised if she went round to everyone saying to put the letters in then vote to save as a show of strength and unity from the party?


Weird way of going about it. This ultimately makes her look weak and the Tories in disarray.

Regardless…this is a mess…just a joke.


The leadership election in 2016 was due to David Cameron resigning so it’s a little bit different to the current situation.

One thing for sure… they’ll try to avoid a GE at any cost.

If she gets ousted and one of the ERG gets in… brace yourselves for a hard brexit…

Doesn’t matter who’s leader. The numbers don’t add up for the Tories. They’d struggle to get anything through Parliament.

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I think May will win this vote but this is what I think about this;


The numbers don’t add up for any party/faction. But with enough delay, those that want to leave with no deal will get what they want by default.

Regardless of your political persuasion, she isn’t a great PM. She’s not very confident, bullish and seems to ignore lots of the advice. The fact she knew for weeks her deal wouldn’t get through yet pulled the vote on the last day shows she has no authority. I think she’ll probably get voted out by a small majority