Blocked Card still being charged?


I’m going out of my mind trying to get help from MONZO about a payment that was taken from old card details that was supposed to be BLOCKED after I spoke to someone on chat about strange payments coming out of my account.
My card was blocked in August 22nd, I received my new card a few days later.
However yesterday the Same company I complained about taking irregular payments from my account managed to take money again!
Today, the CS agent asked me if I would like my old card blocked to stop payments coming out of my account…
Wasnt that supposed to be what was done. I asked to speak to a manager or supervisor but they just pass me to another CS agent and then I’m told my complaint will be handled within 5-18 DAYS.
No Monzo, this is your fault and I want it fixed TODAY, not 5 days time, not 18 days time. TODAY!

There are ways around it that a merchant can charge the new card.

Have you cancelled the subscription at source?

The merchant (Microsoft Bing) confirmed that they used my old card details and the card must be active, otherwise the payment would have been declined.
I paused my Bing account in July, however in that time accrued £62 owed.
So how is this even possible? If I change my card details and my old card isn’t blocked by MONZO, I can’t block the card from my end, so shouldn’t the onus be on MONZO?

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Even this new chat doesn’t make sense

I wonder if any of this is linked to the “share card replacements” service, to which Microsoft is one of the supported vendors? Just to muddy the waters (sorry!).

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Your right,
But it also says on the page:

There’s nothing you need to do to turn this on, but you can opt out if you’d like – when you replace your card, we’ll ask you. And if your card’s replaced because it was lost, stolen or frauded, we’ll turn this off automatically.

So again… Isn’t this on Monzo?

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You not wanting to pay for something anymore and them charging you because you haven’t told them that, isn’t fraud. And the card wasn’t lost or stolen.

I’ve always found Microsoft really easy to deal with for refunds etc. Have you tried dealing with them?

I kind of have to agree, it feels like the first step should have been to contact Microsoft to fix the problem that was making them charge you, rather than claiming it as fraudulent to replace your card. You clearly have a prior agreement/service with them, so they had a legitimate purpose in charging you for services they provided. If they hadn’t provided those services, or something else was amiss, surely you’d contact them to get that resolved?

Perhaps there is more you haven’t yet mentioned which may give more clarity, though.

It sounds like they used a previous authorisation to present a payment, which we have to allow under Mastercard scheme rules.


No, I have spoke to Microsoft Bing, they sent me a confirmation of the billing details they used.
They have my old card details.
As I explained, I contacted MONZO about strange payments coming from a company called (Beachside rental USA) - I don’t plan on visiting the USA and definitely wasnt booking a Beachside rental.
Anyways I got onto MONZO on Aug 22nd and they CONFIRMED my card was blocked, I would receive a new one with a new pin etc.
So customer service just told me that the payment was pending on my old card, so when I unfroze my new card they were able to take the money from my NEW card?

My card was blocked for fraud related reasons and MONZO didn’t block my old card?

Ah okay. That clears a lot of the confusion up that seems to be getting folks mixed up.

It’s not that you’re not wanting to pay Microsoft Bing, it’s that they charged a payment to your old card and it went through, which naturally has you concerned about the security if your account if a company has been able to process a payment with the blocked card details.

I think @Dan5 answered why that happened above. Your card details are still blocked, and so that merchant taking that fraudulent transaction won’t be able to take any more.

Your account is safe. If Microsoft Bing were to try charging those old card details again, it would fail. It seems like it’s just a case of unfortunate timing causing you to panic.

Yes. Exactly.
I now keep my card frozen at all times, as a just incase.
I was keeping my money in pots until I noticed that it charges me Overdraft Fees, although the money is only really “Ringfenced” away from other cash.
So instead of using pots, I put all my cash back in my main account and just freeze and unfreeze my card as needed for payments.
This new charge is a bit of a slap in the face from Monzo as MONZO are blaming Bing (The Merchant) yet Bing have said that the only way a payment could be taken from old card details is if the card is still active.

It’s like the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing.

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It doesn’t sound like a fraudulent payment - but more of a payment dispute (so technically goods & services)

But if my old card was blocked for FRAUD.

What was the use in changing my card details in the first place if these companies can just start charging me new/blocked card details?

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There seems to be two payments in dispute here, from my understanding. A fraudulent one (Beachside rental USA) which took place in August resulting in the card being blocked, and a genuine one from Bing which went through on those blocked card details.

I don’t think it’s the payment they’re disputing in this second case, more the fact a payment went through on what should have been blocked card details.


YES! Hit the nail in the head. Sorry but I’ve been passed through 5 CS agents over 2 hours and just keep getting told to wait up to 5-18 days for them to get in touch.
Sorry but this shouldn’t be my issue, MONZO should be on this immediately if a blocked card was able to be used to make a payment Yesterday, my card has been blocked since the end of August but they just magically managed to bill me the very minute I unfroze my new card to transfer money to a friend.

Support are terrible but you are explaining the situation incredibly badly and ignoring what people are replying with.

Regardless of what happened with your card, this is the answer.

Speak to Microsoft and they will refund you. But cancel whatever your subscription is, don’t just ignore it.


How long would this “pending authorisation” last? And why would it be taken from and OLD BLOCKED card (Due to Fraud) nearly 2 months later?
Please help me understand.
Both companies are asking me to contact the other and each are blaming the other.
Im just fed up being passed from pillar to post.

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Bear in mind that freezing is only for card payments and it doesn’t stop Direct Debits, Faster Payments or Standing Orders.

You’d be better reverting back to your “everything in pots plan” if that’s your aim. Use bill from Pots and have things taken directly from there, and schedule a withdrawal from them when other types of payments are due.

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