We can now automatically update your card details with online shops


And if your card’s replaced because it was lost, stolen or frauded, we’ll turn this off automatically.


Monzo stop trying to make frauded happen!


Seems easier just to log on to whatever website and spend the 15 seconds it’ll take to manually update.

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I know virtual cards continue working when you renew your card, I assume the same happens when it gets replaced too?

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I think I understand how this new system works. My question was more around making one of the key features (for me) regarding virtual cards redundant. I use a virtual card for all my online accounts so that I don’t have to update them all when I replace my main card.

So if this new feature replaces your main card automatically then the only selling point for virtual cards now is the ability to create and destroy a card (a limited number of times) for those websites you don’t trust. Which I’d argue you shouldn’t use in that case but that’s a different story :sweat_smile:


Fucksake Monzo.

Defraud is the verb, and a defrauder is the noun. A frauder doesn’t fraud, and didn’t frauded.


I guess there’s two things here (because in essence you have a limit!)

  • If your card has been lost, stolen or you’ve been the victim of fraud then the details won’t update automatically so a virtual card still wins out
  • Not all merchants subscribe to this, so a virtual card would help here too.


Can you please pass this wording on to Monzo copywriters?


No comment :see_no_evil:


Two points.

  1. Frauded? Just no.
  2. Will this work for virtual cards? I’m moving my subscriptions to those, which is where this would really be handy.

I think it would be quite hard to implement it if you have more than one virtual card. If you cancel one, do you want to move it to another existing card, or a new one?

Monzo could put in a flow, but seeing that they get started with Plus cards can’t be removed more than 6 months later, I see little hope


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Should still be here?

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Ah yeah sorry I was busy editing Gifs and didn’t see it move…


If anything can get through to the Monzo writers, it’s a well appointed gif.


This is a very valid question because virtual cards expire too. I know this won’t be a problem for anyone until 2025, but when we get there will we have the option to reissue the same virtual card, and if we do can services be automatically updated with the new virtual card number.

Also useful for when you need to buy something online or over the phone and you’re too lazy to go and get your actual card to check the CVV. I know it’s just 3 digits, but I’ve had so many cards over the past year that they all blur into one.


Store mine in BitWarden, so no movement required :grin:

Other Password Managers are available!


I routinely forget mine, I get it confused with my old Monzo card. But I have 2-factor authorisation as I ask my girlfriend and she just rolls her eyes and corrects me


This :point_up: but LastPass for me :grin:

Sometimes I feel even lazier and don’t want to use that because I have to use 2 factor auth to view my card details. So I’ll just use PayPal :speak_no_evil: