Block Widget Displaying Balance

Are you just trying to outline feature iOS doesnt have as a whole now? :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Yes, Monzo should have an insecure bank app where a feature is not working properly (authentication to open app) because my child uses my phone like half the planet

An app that you made insecure :smiley:

If I said to my child, dont look at my balance. Even if they did, what would happen?

So iOS doesnt have app pinning or a guest mode? Im sure they invent it next year, weve only had that for the best part of a decade. /smug

Its handy for those occasions where you need to hand your phone to a semi-trusted colleague / child so they dont have access to private things or you come back to find a random app installed.

I think that your point is incredibly valid, just maybe not the wording/phrasing/tone that youve used throughout the post and rest of the thread.

I love iOS but actually haptic/Force touch is something I completely forget about, in my eyes its a waste of time. For this reason Id never long touched to find this issue.

Id genuinely say that this is nothing but an oversight/bug on Monzos part, as said above, the Widget was in place way before App Authentication was.

Hopefully now its been raised they might fix it.

Haptic/Force touch is not used anywhere by users anywhere near the amount Apple thinks it is.

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Theyd look at your balance. Its like saying dont press the big red button

When my kids were younger they only looked at the games. And they were sitting next to me when they had my phone

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Exactly my point, so would mine :smiley:

Then what would they do after they saw what money I had in my account minus all my pots? Probably go back to doing whatever they originally intended to do :man_shrugging:

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One thing we dont have is a poorly implemented widget that resulted in this thread, I mean the Monzo app loads instantly in the time it would take to long hold so it probably could be nuked on iOS to bring some more parity.

To be fair, I cant think of a single time I have ever needed either of those two things, maybe its just me though.

I actually switched to Android a couple of years ago. Couldnt wait to go back to iOS, everyone raved at me about how you can do so much more with Android. Turns out iOS does everything I wanted it to do and more anyway so it doesnt make sense for me to need Android.

Thats a fair point, I can 100% get into the app faster, even with FaceID enabled and get to where I want quicker than using the Haptic Touch options and Widget

I wouldnt mind if it disappeared

Its now the Amazon Fire tablet which takes the punishment and doesnt matter if its set on fire.

For the kids apps I have on my phone I tend to pin before handing to my toddler out and about. If I dont I would find the settings changed, a few apps installed and watching something inappropriate on YouTube if I glance away for more than 30 seconds.

As for colleagues not so much, they have their own phones or the good ol landlines to use to make a call. If its out the office, Id normally be next to them if they did need to make a call and had run out of battery/no signal etc. I also trust all the people I work with not to be dicks and start installing apps or trying to check out my bank balance. If it was someone I didnt know I could pin the phone app.

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While Im neither for or against Monzo disabling the widget, or toggling it from the app, its not insecure. Its as secure as you want it to be.


Damn it, i missed the most obvious use case! Now I need App Pinning on iOS!

Is it actually an Android feature or is it feature baked into the Android Wrapper your phones manufacturer makes?

Its been part of the system since 2014 (Lollipop era), used it first back on my Nexus 6.

fair play, as an outsider I never know if its actually an Android feature or an OS wrapper feature, thats my biggest problem with Android as a whole. All the different skins with heavy features that fill up your memory, half of which youll never use.

That and it allows people to make Comic Sans like fonts as their OS font, every time someone shares a screenshot of that OS font I want to scratch my eyes out a little bit, but each to their own.

Ill leave it there htough as its getting a bit off topic :rofl:


iOS has Guided Access, which is functionally the same thing.


Two second google, article from 2014. So its been around the same time, with a nice reference to Angry Birds included.


iOS 7 Guest mode in 2014!


The OP has not phrased this in the best way, has been antagonistic, and it has got peoples backs up.

When you compare the suggestion to some that are posted, this one clearly has merit. It is clearly a hang over from when this was a prepaid card (because the menu includes add money). It should not be there for a fully fledged bank account by default unless explicitly allowed by the user IMO. I just checked some other banks and they do not have this, in fact some of them display a message telling you to login to see your balance.


Thats what I would expect to see, as you mention it does look like Monzo forget this existed.

The problem now is we can see this is an issue, it could have 400 votes instead of 4 and still not be worked on.

Temporary solutions if youre not wanting people to know your balance, that might know about long holding on the app:

  • Dont give you phone to untrusted people or stay watching them like a :eagle: whilst they use it, and go ah bub bub buh, what do you think you are doing? if they try nosing about after making the call
  • Give the child something to use that isnt your phone, like a cheap second hand 瞿30 Android phone would play Angry Birds and most apps
  • Turn on guided access to lock them to a specific app.
  • Throw your iPhone in the bin and turn to the dark side so you can make use of guest/multiple user mode.