Display Current Balance on 'Loading' or 'Security' Screen

It would be really useful (for me, at least) if you could see the balance in your account on the screen that loads up immediately after clicking on the app icon (either the ‘loading’ screen with the Monzo logo or the security screen where it asks for your fingerprint or PIN).

Far too often, I’m at the counter waiting to pay for something when I realise I don’t know how much money I have in my account or whether I have enough to pay for my purchase. I quickly pull out my phone to check my balance but, because I have the fingerprint security turned on, it goes to a loading screen followed by the screen asking me to use my fingerprint to unlock the app. During those few precious seconds it takes to get into the app, I’m sweating at the counter while the person on the other side is glaring at me for being on my phone instead of using the card (that’s already in my hand) to pay for my purchase. Maybe I’m the only one that does this but it would be great to quickly check my balance with a single click on the app icon and a millisecond of loading time.

Obviously, not everyone would want this due to privacy concerns, but it would be useful to be able to check your balance without having to load up the entire app, even if you don’t want to access any of the other features. The ability to keep this turned off should negate any privacy concerns.

The obvious alternative is to keep better track of my money but that’s a lot easier said than done…


If you have iPhone you can set the widget up


If you’re on iOS you could add the widget to the widget screen which will give you an instant view


Ah, I’m on Android. Maybe my suggestion should be to bring that feature to Android, instead!


Great idea, I wouldn’t want a widget on my home screen with my balance personally because I lend people my phone sometimes.

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This would be really useful