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I love the app, and occasionally get the urge to wave my mobile at shop assistants and / or my wife saying “look, look, it’s true!”, but would rather not show my bank balance (especially not to my wife :slight_smile:). Although auto hiding or detaching would be most technically satisfying in -say- Go (ha) I would like to see a solid looking solution where I could just scroll the results off the top temporarily.


Emma does this well and has a scramble function - turns transactions into Yen so you can show off the app without showing off financial details.

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Love this idea!! I’ve been doing the same recently but hadn’t thought of it as something that could be worked around :+1:

If there are issues that you don’t want your wife to see your balance, then perhaps you’d be best locking the app or keeping your phone locked for security

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No issues, just my wife (bless her) is not good with money.

Hi Richard,
It probably wasn’t your intention, but I find remarks about SO and spending habits a bit inappropriate for public forum.

It feels like your user case can be simply put as “I wanto show off my Monzo app without revealing account balance” and additional background or commentary could have been avoided.


He’s a grown man I’m sure he can decide what is it what is not appropriate for him to share about himself.

On topic: Richard if you want to show the instant notification stuff then you could just show the lock screen surely?

Thanks all :grinning: my app feedback fed back. Adiós :+1: