Black Mirror - Bandersnatch - Interactive Episode


What what what?!

(Simon B) #43

Watched a couple of nights ago and loved it! Even found the rare scene where Jerome F Davies appears.

Fun fact : Jerome is played by real life 80s game developer Jeff Minter.

Second fun fact : My cousin Peter did much of the music for Jeff Minter’s last game, Polybius (on PS4 and Steam).

(Ian Lyon) #44

On a technical level I loved Bandersnatch, and it’s a really cool concept. But I was left feeling a bit…unfulfilled, at the end of it :confused:


I’ve still not watched it, will need to check it out though I’ve lowered my expectations considerably now :confused:


This sums up my feelings exactly.

I wonder, though, where this might lead. With the rich analytics that Netflix holds, might they be able to craft a story around your interests so you don’t have to actively choose your adventure, but your adventure is chosen for you on the basis of what Netflix thinks you like. (That actually sounds like a Black Mirror episode, but you get what I mean).

Alternatively, perhaps this could work differently by letting you choose parameters up front. Would you prefer a film where the protagonist’s love interest was the same gender as your preference? The same race? Again, some potentially big ethical considerations, but taking us towards uber-targeted content maybe?

(Simon B) #47

I think this is intentional.

Everything about the episode is subversive. It’s meta on several levels. You aren’t supposed to be left satisfied by the standard story arc of movie and TV storytelling. That’s part of what makes it so good.

Just like in life, there’s no perfect path. You just make your choices and see where they lead you.

It’s an experience more than it is a story being told. It’s just supposed to make you think.

(Simon B) #48

Also, how nuts would it be if they kept adding new paths to it in the future so you go back and watch it and it’s different again!


Maybe. But there seemed to be no big pay off for me. Looping around was fun for a bit, then any potential ending seemed “meh”. So I carried on until I was over 2 hours in and things got very meta and then the credits rolled. I felt like it was lacking a pay off.

(Simon B) #50

I don’t think there was supposed to be one.

(Marc Dando) #51

Spot on. If it gets you thinking about the decisions you’ve made (even if they’re minor/unspectacular) and about free will in general, then I think the episode has been successful :slight_smile:

(Charlie Kelly) #52

Loved it. Watched it 3 times and got 3 different endings. Great flowchart/map for routes and possible endings here.

((╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻) #53

There is a simpler flowchart posted by @Jackcrwhitney further up in this topic too :slight_smile:


Jeff Minter is great. He did the visuals for a Warp Records winter party once. Was wandering around the crowd with a wireless GameCube controller. No llamas.

(Anthony Philip) #55

Yep that was me.


Just watched this for the first time today and due to my choices was fairly lengthy. I noted it down so I could compare to some of the published decision trees after, but it seems most of the trees so far don’t quite fit my choices (mainly surrounding soft endings vs restarts). I deliberately made some of the same choices repeatedly, each time with slightly different outcomes.

For anyone interested, this was (roughly) my path, I may have missed a step or two, hope I didn’t.


Now II
Yes to job
Starts again
No to job
No to talk about mum
Yes to talk about mum
Music - Bermuda Triangle
Shout at dad
Follow Colin
Yes to drugs
Colin to jump
Visit Dr Haynes
Pull earlobe
Flush pills
Hit desk
Pick up family photo
Throw tea on computer
Step back
Step back
Who’s there
Back off
Who’s there?
Tell him more
Tell him more
Fight her
Karate chop dad


I really enjoyed this episode though I am more excited for the conventional season to start in 2019

(Jason Artemis Winstanley) #58

Finally got to watching (playing?) this the other day. It was a bit creepy towards the end, gotta admit… :3